List of Promo Codes for my Favorite Brands!

coupons for my favorite brands

So one of the best perks of being a blogger is that you get to try a lot of amazing products fo’ free.  Sometimes, you even get paid to try them (which is personally my favorite).  That being said, this blog is a true reflection of my opinions.  If I receive a product that I am not obsessed with, then I simply do not write a blog review for it.  Any product featured on TravelingFig is one that I endorse 100%.

Often after a review, I will receive a promo code for a discount on future purchases.  Sometimes, I receive a small commission off any sales made with this promo code and other times I do not.  Regardless, I’m going to share all of my recent promo codes and coupons in one place, because sharing is caring. And I want all of you to have the same deals on health & beauty goodies as me.   I will update this regularly, so stay tuned!

RENT THE RUNWAY: I started using RTR a few summers ago when I realized I was going broke trying to afford black tie wedding-guest dresses!  I soon came to the epiphany that it was more economical (and more fun!) to sign up for the unlimited monthly closet.  I get 4 pieces (from everyday wear like jeans and rompers to lux gowns and designer bags) that I can rotate out all month long.  Shipping is fast and free, customer service is great, and I’m saving my wallet and the environment by not buying dress after dress that I’ll only wear once.  If you want to try an unlimited membership, use the code CHELSEA50 for half off your first month
rent the runway style review

FASHION PASS: Like Rent the Runway, but skews younger and trendier.  I’ll do a whole post on the difference between the two, but I use both – because the more sustainable rented fashion, the merrier!  If you want to try fashionpass out, use code CHELSEA3K for $35 off. 

BETTER ORGANIC SKINCARE: Your skin is your biggest organ, stop poisoning it with chemicals and shop organic! Better Organic Skincare is a platform that sells all natural, organic and cruelty free products that pass the EU standards for organic.  For 20% off your entire order use code CHELSEA here 

promo code for better organic skincare

SKILLSHARE: Craving creativity? Need leadership help? A web design class? Some meditation techniques? Skillshare is my happy place, where I go to refine my artistic endeavors and discover new outlets for exploration. Instead of wasting time in front of the TV, I use skillshare to maximize my free time.  Use code igamb3310 to try your first 2 months free with no commitment. Follow this link to get started

skill share promo code

BAKED BEAUTY CO: CBD beauty products to help relax tired muscles, soothe irritated skin and fight inflammation.  Use code ORGANICTRAVEL for 20% off your order of natural, handmade and vegan products at

coupon code for baked beauty company

ALYA SKINCARE: Lux vegan and cruelty free skincare line with my favorite mask, the Australian Pink Clay!  Use code ‘chelseagilson’ for 15% off your entire order here  To watch my youtube video reviewing the mask, click here

coupon for alya skincare

FLIGHT FUD: Stay healthy and hydrated on your long haul flights! Flight Fud are natural antioxidant and elecrolyte drink mixers that are part of my travel essentials.  Plus they’re delicious!  Use code ORGANICTRAVEL for 15% off site wide here.

WILLOW AND MOON Gorgeous CBD infused bath and body products with a strong sense of female empowerment.  Use code GODDESSWINS for 15% off sitewide. 

SOL LUCIA: Handmade from artisan women in Thailand.  Use code CHELG65 for 15% off you’re entire order here

discount sol lucia jewelry

CHEF V CLEANSE: This organic detox program is my secret to weight loss.  I can’t say enough great things about this program. Use the promo code TRAVELINGFIG to receive 55% off any cleanse and free shipping.  For my full review click HERE.

ChefV promo code, organic detox weight loss cleanse

MACROLIFE NATURALS: Deeelicious Superfood Powder! Use promo code CHELSEA to receive 15% of any order at  Check out my review HERE for recipes!


ALON LABS:  Miracle skin-saving serums.  Use the coupon code TRAVELINGFIG to receive 15% off your order at  Click here to read my full review.


BRIDAL BOOST: Multivitamins formulated especially for the bride-to-be.  Check out my review here.  You can order directly through their website at THIS affiliate link.


PUPPYSNOB – get 20% off your entire order at using the code CHELSEApuppy snob discount

LACE ATELIER 25% off the most gorgeous lace robes and bridal accessories at the Lace Atelier  with promo code “TRAVFIG25”

promo code discount for bridal robes

EVOLVE FITWEAR – The chicest & cheekiest of athletic clothes at a 10% discount using the code TRAVELINGFIG10

evolve fitness coupon code

CUCCIO SOMATOLOGY – Finally a nontoxic yoga mat cleaner that works!  Use the code TRAVELINGFIG10 to receive 10% off sitewide on your yoga essentials
what to pack for Bali

IMPERFECT PRODUCE – Get a big box of fresh veggies & fruits delivered straight to your door weekly for a fraction of what it would cost in the grocery stores.  Why? Because this produce isn’t ‘shelf quality beautiful’.  Can you feel the injustice?!  Save the perfectly tasty fruits & veggies from being tossed with the promo code TRAVELINGFIG to get 20% off your first box.imperfect food promo code

THISTLE: Revolutionizing meal delivery services one vegan, gluten free, healthy, organic chocolate avocado mousse and pesto zucchini noodles at a time.  Top of the line in quality and creativity.  Code is MAT081621 at

thistle coupon code

DR. VITAMIN SOLUTIONS: Where I buy my vitamins & supplements – consistently lowest price available with an great incentive program for automatic shipments.  My go to product from them is Quicksilver’s CBD oil in peppermint.  Use code Chelsea5 for 5% off your entire order here

dr vitamin solutions promo code

FRE SKIN CARE: Now this is something to write home about.  Finally a face care set designed to work for you while you workout!  Get your glow on with their serums, cleansing milks, and sweat sesh face creams! 35% off code is: CHELSEAG here

fre skincare coupon

MALA PRAYER: because every yogi needs a gorgeous and authentic 108 bead prayer necklace, right?! code TRAVELINGFIG gets you 20% off here

RUSTIC MARLIN: This is your one stop shop for thoughtful presents for any occasion.  They make everything from wedding welcome signs, to wine racks, to blocks that spell out your last name, to serving trays perfect for foodie bloggers like me!  Use code ‘organic20’ for 20% off your order here

LOVEPRAY JEWELRY: Use code TFIG for 15% off beautiful yogi-inspired hand beaded jewelry here.

SMILE BRILLIANT: Do you want whiter teeth at home without the sensitivity?! of course you do! Order your custom whitening tray kit from Smile Brilliant and receive 15% off with TRAVELINGFIG15.  at home teeth whitening kit review and giveaway

BOXY CHARM: Five full sized lux beauty products (value over $185) for $21/mo, cancel anytime!  This subscription box is the funnest way to try out new beauty products for a fraction of their cost! Follow this link to sign up + receive a free gift in your first box

boxy charm free gift

VERISHOP: Curated boutique shopping site for some of my favorite brands. Shop my affiliate link here.  To watch me try on my Verishop Haul, click here

verishop review

310 NUTRITION: Protein powders, dietary supplements and skinny teas galore!  Use code 310ORGANICTRAVEL for free shipping.  You can also get 80% off of the starter pack using this code!

Do you have a promo code to share or a product you want me to review? leave a comment below!



  1. Detailed and helpful post. Beautiful photography. will surely remember for future reference.

  2. I’m most definitely checking out Evolve Fitwear. Thanks for the promo code!

  3. Awesomeness!! Some of these I have never heard of but will definitely be checking out!! Thanks! XO

  4. Thank you for sharing, I’m definitely going to have to check some of these brands out. That “Avocadhoe” shirt is too good to pass up, haha!
    xo, Lisette | Street Stride

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