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Hocatt Ozanic Detox – Worth the hype?!

Ozanic detox machine

In my quest for optimal health, I am continually searching out the newest and most innovative treatments, techniques and trends. Last month I loved the slimming results from my first lymphatic drainage massage (read about my experience here), but I decided to step my game up a notch this time around.

Before I dive into my experience, I’d like to remind you I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. If you’re curious about the treatment please talk to a licensed professional. The Ozanic offered at CRMC in West Hollywood is also referred to at the Hocatt Full Body Detox.


I first heard of the treatment on a visit to my longtime fav med-spa CRMC in West Hollywood. The owner Zara is obsessed with innovation and is always the first to offer the most cutting edge treatments, procedures and machines. I only needed to hear ‘reduces inflammation’ to book an appointment, but there is quite the lengthy claims of benefits:

  • Aids weight loss
  • Speeds healing
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Cleanses the arteries and veins.
  • Improves circulation
  • Oxidizes toxins and removes free radicals
  • Inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungus.
  • Normalizes hormone and enzyme production
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces pain and body soreness
  • Improves brain function

I suffer from extreme bloating due to digestive issues, poor circulation, slow healing, and imbalanced hormones. And living in the hotspot of the pandemic, I was of course intrigued by “inactivate viruses’.


When I booked the appointment the office told me some pre-treatment rules. The most important is that I was to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces. If that seems like a lot, it is. Especially for someone who has a difficult time choking down water in the morning. I weight 120ish, half of which is 60. 60 ounces = approximately 1.75 liters. To keep me accountable, I used a marked liter bottle. I made it to 1.5 liters before my 3PM appointment, which I reasoned was good enough.

The only other pre-care tip I was told is that I should shower before the treatment since I wouldn’t be advised to for the rest of the day afterwards. Yes, after sweating everything possible out of my body. I thought this was weird too, but I was assured that any bacteria in my skin would be burned off. So this wouldn’t be typical ‘gym sweat’, it’d be odorless and clean.


When I arrived at my appointment, I was escorted through the med-spa back into the wellness space. The interior is futuristic and cool, with machines that look like torture devices in every room. In the comfort of a changing room, I stripped naked and put on the provided velcro towel and slippers. I was advised to remove all my jewelry so it didn’t tarnish or heat up and burn my skin.

The ozanic tech led me to the treatment room, which was bright and sterile, with a big egg shaped machine in the middle. Using the hand-rails, I hoisted myself inside and sat on the plastic bench. The tech closed the two doors around me so just my head was sticking out. I had room to move my arms and legs and was instructed to remove my towel and let it hang at my sides.

A cold face cloth was placed around my neck and the tech used a large towel to fill the space between my head and the machine, so that no ozone could escape. Lastly, she clipped an oxygen tube to the towel so I’d get a steady stream of cool air throughout. And then it was time to cook!

There was a little screen on the machine that read the temperature and humidity. This bad boy heats up well into the 120s, but I have a history of fainting and dizziness, so we kept the temperature closer to 110 with 50% humidity. As I started to sweat it all out, I could feel the ozone air being pumped into the sealed chamber through tubes on the side of the machine. The ozone claims are incredible: kills bacteria, increases immunity, removes toxins, inhibits cancer, inhibits tumor growth! As someone who has recently had a massive tumor removed from her hand and who is obsessive over detoxification, this was quite appealing to me. I’m not going to pretend like I’ve read the research to back up these claims, I’m just simply relaying information I was told.


Once I acclimated to the temperature, the technician powered up the electro therapy, which is exactly what it sounds like. I felt the sensation of electrical currents pulsing through my body – and while it definitely didn’t hurt, it did take a little getting used to. I’m quite proud of my high pain tolerance, so we turned it up nearly as high as possible. The tingling shocks were felt throughout my body, but they were especially pronounced in my calves and glutes. Considering the electro-therapy works to heal, this makes complete sense. The day before I had taught back to back booty workouts! I also felt the electro currents more in the hand where the tumor was removed.

The technician never left my side. She stayed right with me explaining in detail every step of the process and continually checking in with how I was handling the intensity. And after 30 minutes of heat, humidity, ozone and electro-therapy, my treatment was over! I felt shaky and depleted as I slowly climbed out of the machine – like I just did 3 hours of Barrys Bootcamp. The tech inspected my sweat – looking for any dark colors to indicate detoxification of toxins or even any metallic looking pieces that could indicate something like mercury. Since I abstain from meat and exercise regularly, my sweat was crystal clear. I felt simultaneously disappointed and proud.


I was once again told to refrain from showering. Apparently, the ozone continues to work it’s magic if uninterrupted. I went home and was thirsty as all hell so I replenished my body with another liter of water and a healthy plant based meal.


Hell yeah! Let’s forget all of the amazing potential health benefits for a second. I left looking way thinner with my bloat completely gone and my abs just popping out like they own the place. It was incredible. For purely vanity’s sake, I would 100% do this treatment again before a big event or vacation. But I suppose it is more important to do post vacation to help detox, rejuvenate, kill all those plane germs off, you know. Living in this pandemic life, having a treatment that can help keep your immune system high functional is clutch. I would recommend that anyone who is looking for healing and detoxification check this out.


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