When we got engaged a year ago, I received a few gracious gifts of bridal books and magazines. “How fun!” I thought as I skimmed through the pages of lace and cake.

I didn’t pick these books up until months later, when I was signing the venue contract.  “Now the real fun begins!” I mused as I once again leafed through their pages, stopping briefly on a beauty timeline.


*CUE PANIC.* But WAIT?!  Doesn’t panic cause stress, which causes blemishes and fine lines?! And bloating?! SOS!

This is my wedding day.  The day that I am supposed to look the absolute very best of my entire life. (no pressure right?) I don’t know if that makes you cringe, but it makes me want to pour myself a stiff drink.  But WAIT?! Doesn’t alcohol cause dehydration, which causes wrinkles and dry skin and cracked lips?! And under-eye bags?! SOS!


My solution?  Bridal Boost.


It is not a one stop cure all beauty miracle.  Think of Bridal Boost more as an insurance policy for your already well planned beauty regimen.  I’m a strong believer that beauty comes within. Yes in the adorable notion that your soul is what makes you beautiful, but also in the practical “eat like shit and you’ll have acne” sense as well.  When I had begun having severe digestive issues that I thought was from lingering food poisoning, it was my dermatologist who alluded to the fact that I probably had IBS and hormonal imbalances.  And she was right.  What happens in your gut shows up on your face, your skin, your hair and your nails.  That’s why hydration and eating clean whole foods is so vital to any beauty plan.

Bridal Boost is a multi vitamin supplement created with the bride-to-be in mind.  The pills are formulated with:

-vitamin B complex for Energy

-vitamin D3, folate and ashwaghanda for Stress Relief

-vitamin A and biotin for Hair, Skin and Nail Health 

-Vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K2, Zinc, Selenium and Calcium for Immunity

Forget the beauty benefits, I’m all in for the stress relief & added energy!  I’ve been using their product for the past month and am happy to report that my skin looks brighter and healthier!



So does this mean I’m just going to pop a few extra of these after I binge drink wine and eat cupcakes on the couch crying over whatever minor hiccups are going to feel like earth-shattering doom over the next 5 months of wedding planning bliss?  No.  For me, Bridal Boost is just one piece of the ‘beauty’ puzzle.  A way for me to ensure I am getting the nutrients that my body needs during this exciting time. And to hopefully look good doing it.

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See you at the altar!



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