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If you’re a regular Traveling Fig reader you know that my motto is ‘heal from within.’  I believe that a proper diet and treating your body with conscious kindness is imperative to clear, healthy skin.  In fact, I first learned I had severe digestive issues from my esthetician!  It was the first time I had ever gone to see this particular woman and she knew none of my medical or skin trouble history.  Yet, moments after she began the facial, she called out my severely inflamed intestines and colon.  She wasn’t a psychic, or even a doctor, she just knew that a person’s face is a window into the workings of their body.   Ever wondered why acne clears up almost immediately when someone who is gluten intolerant finally cuts the gluten from their diet?  It’s no coincidence, believe me. Eating whole, nourishing, organic foods, staying hydrated and controlling your stress will undoubtedly benefit your skin.  Mark my words.

And I have seen my skin change for the better through healthy lifestyle choices, but I still suffer from bouts of rosacea and extremely dry, sensitive skin.  As I near my 29th birthday and reflect on decades of sun worship, it’s safe to throw premature aging and sun damage in the mix.  And this is where I really struggle.  For the past two years, I’ve been slowly trying to change all of my skincare products to organic.  Why? well your skin is the largest organ on your body and it literally drinks whatever you put on it.  Hence, my rule that ‘if it’s toxic to eat, then it’s not going on my skin’, was born.  …but implementing it has proved to be pretty difficult.  Why again you ask?  Well I’m a former pageant girl who is now on camera for acting and hosting.  Makeup is a vital part of my profession and certain chemical-laden brands have become ingrained in my daily routine for the simple reason that they work.  I have made baby steps to switching to non-toxic and fragrance free, but the battle to go full-organic is a slow fight, especially when you keep getting a tempting fragrance shop voucher every week. My boyfriend has got his own products for acne treatment, so if you are interested, check out here and learn more.

Body wash, deodorants and lotions? No problem. I either buy a coconut based version or make it myself.  Hair products? not quite fully there, but I’ve made a valiant effort.  I even use an apple cider vinegar wash every couple weeks to strip my hair of build up, and I use a coconut mask once a week on dry ends! ….but I definitely have not given up the bleach.  Again, baby steps.  At least with body and hair, I feel confident in my slow progress to a wholly organic life. My real struggle lies in finding face products that are organic, effective and non irritating.

You see, organic isn’t synonymous with soothing.  Actually many of the essential oils and natural derivatives in organic skin care lines inflame my rosacea and have me running to the store to buy the ever toxic Mac full coverage foundation.  It’s a vicious cycle.  That’s why I am absolutely giddy to introduce the newest addition to my beauty cabinet, Alon Labs Rewind Facial Serum. 

Formulated by a plastic surgeon from natural ingredients, their skin care line is comprised of formulas to treat specific skin issues.  Like rosacea and anti aging for example.  They even have a line for pregnant women, which is refreshing to say the least.  I worry about the chemical laden lotions and serums that unbeknownst to the mother, are seeping through her skin and into her unborn baby’s blood stream.  Scary stuff.  Alon Labs recognizes and addresses this with their pregnancy safe skincare serum.

The product I tested (and love!) is the Rewind Facial Serum.  According to the website the rewind formula “represents the latest science in fighting the main culprits of aging skin – chronic inflammation and sun induced genetic damage.”  The ingredient list is small but specific, with surprising powerhouses like arnica, which I have only used to reduce bruising and swelling in the past.


The product arrived in two bottles, a powder and a liquid.  It felt like a grade school science project mixing the liquid into the powder and twisting on the spray nozzle, but the process gave nod to Alon being a purely natural line.  Once mixed, the product expires in 30 days.  All facial products should expire.  If they have an undetermined expiration date (or it’s 5 years after you bought it), the product is most likely relying on heavy chemicals to keep its shelf life.

Once the concoction was mixed I gave it a health shake for 30 seconds and sprayed some into my palm.  I was surprised to find out that the serum is much more of a liquid than your typical gooey serums that glide onto your face.  I found it difficult to transfer the liquid onto my face, so I have been misting the product directly over my face and neck, holding the bottle 4 inches from my face (with my eyes closed). At first, the product stung slightly as it landed on my freshly cleaned rosacea-flared skin.  But after a week of daily application, I noticed an improvement in tone, texture, and (best of all!) my rosacea!

I stand behind Alon products with a five star recommendations.  There are hundred of toxic skincare products on the market that work as well as Alon, but I think of it like this.  When I was in my teens and early twenties, my vanity drove me to tanning beds. I knew the dangers, but I only cared about an immediate fix of color in the present.  I thought, skin cancer and signs of premature aging?  There will surely be cures by the time I’m old enough to care.  I regret these monthly unlimited tanning memberships tremendously.  Why make the same mistake now with your skin?  How can you say with confidence that repeatedly applying chemicals to your bare face and neck religiously for years won’t have lasting negative health effects?  I mean, now they are saying there’s a link to aluminum in deodorant and breast cancer.  Switching to an organic life (with effective products!) is a daily struggle, but adding Alon to my beauty arsenal is taking me one step closer.

Thank you Alon for helping me get my skin glowing for my wedding day and for taking the guesswork out of soothing rosacea with natural products!  I am excited for the opportunity to try your sensitive skin serum next!

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