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Bottega Louie: A Five Star Review!

So you’ve decided to finally venture to Oz, or downtown LA (both an obscurity in your mind), to cross Bottega Louie off your foodie bucket list have you?  I can nearly guarantee you WILL be disappointed.  Wait, what?!  But Chelsea you gave it five stars!

Hear me out.

Maybe you make the journey to get a box of the coveted macarons.  Oh Em Gee! Are these the best things you have ever eaten!  The salted caramel! You can’t believe it!!  But, hell are you disappointed… imagine how good ALL OF THE OTHER desserts must be!  And there are too many to try!!   Disappointed.

Oh no, that’s not you.  You came with a plan.  You’re here for brunch, and you are taking $100 dollars
worth of desserts back with you!  Ingenius.   You order the lemon ricotta pancakes and savor every bite while you cheers your mimosas.  But now brunch is shifting to lunch… and you start seeing the sopresatta pizzas flying out of the kitchen.  And wait!  Hold on!  You came to Bottega Louie and didn’t try the famed pizza??  Disappointed.

Hah Hah, you snicker.  You’re not even a breakfast person. And a coworker has brought in the macroons before.  You’re only in it for the dinner!  Yeah, well I’ve been there too.  And every single thing on the menu is melt in your mouth delicious.  I dare you to be content with just trying one appetizer and a meal.  Dare. you.  Disappointed.

I can’t imagine someone not loving Bottega Louie.   A little piece of NY heaven in downtown LA. The atmosphere just gets me.  It’s sophisticated and lovely, like dining in a fine jewelry store.  You’ll go because everyone talks about it, but you’ll return for the impeccable service and food.

Menu highlights for me:

lemon ricotta pancakes (duh)
italian scramble
Any of the pizzas
duck prosciutto crostini
brussels sprouts and pistacchio
the macarons (DUH)

Screen shot 2015-04-25 at 8.47.56 PM

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