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It is no secret that I am passionate about homeopathic, Ayurvedic, natural medicines. Any ailment from a cut to IBS I seek to resolve with plants before prescriptions. And I’ve had quite the success. From following the Chinese medicine prescribed diet that cured my rosacea to speeding up surgery recovery time with herbal blends that fight inflammation, I’ve tried it all. And here is my condensed list of tinctures that have become staples in my daily routine.

But first, a disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this post is in no way offering medical advice. Please speak to your primary care practitioner about your health before starting any plant-based diet supplements.

And one more disclaimer, for good measure: These are products that I love. I am not paid to place them in a post. If you see an affiliate code, it’s because I reached out to the brand’s PR and asked for a code to share in this blog, most of which I don’t make a commission off of. But those curated amazon links I’ve added? Those I make a (very) modest profit off of if you purchase from them. Mama’s gotta pay for her tincture addiction, ya know? But seriously, whether or not you shop the links or use my codes, thank you for being part of the TravelingFig community. I sincerely appreciate all the love and support over the years, and am so grateful to be on this journey with all ya all. Drop a comment below if you’ve got a favorite tincture you’d like me to check out! xx

Alright, let’s get to it then, shall we?


best holistic supplements

1. Dao Drops: Skin, Sex, Immunity

Dao drops are herbal blends created to address specific concerns. Energy, immunity, sex, skin, weightloss, vitality… whatever it is, they’ve got a blend for you. I personally use the sex drops to help boost my hormones and regulate my menstrual cycle, skin because I’m vain, detox after a big weekend out, and immunity throughout the winter. I also keep the elderberry on hand if I’m starting to feel a cold coming on.

Does the drops work?

–> SKIN: The first time I tried the skin drops I broke out with a massive cyst like zit, which is wildly rare for me. I was mortified, but I kept up with the drops in hope that my skin was renewing and clearing deeply clogged pores. I was right, and what was revealed was brighter, healthier skin. 6 mo later, I still take the skin drops daily.

–> SEX: Similarly, I notice a big difference with the sex drops in keeping my often absent aunt flo comin’ round once a month. This is huge for someone, like me, who has had years of sparcisty and irregularity.

–> IMMUNITY: I don’t notice – per se – with the immunity drops because I take them for preventative measures. What I love about them is that they have a mix of mushroom blends. There’s no health trend I’m more on board with than harnessing the powers of healing mushrooms like chaga, reishi and the gang.

–> DETOX: And lastly, the detox drops. I notice they work, in the sense that, how shall I put this, there is an expulsion of toxins. Thanks to the added senna leaf.

taste: so delicious I have a hard time sticking on label and adding the drops to a beverage instead of taking them under my tongue.

usage: The usage directions are to add one full dropper to any liquid and stir.

price: $15 for 7 servings, $25 for 14 servings, $45 for 28 servings. There is always a deal running if you purchase multiple at once. Use code CHELSEA for 20% off here

2. Leefy Turmeric and Ginger

This organic tincture should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet. Leefy Prana is a high concentration of turmeric, ginger, and black pepper (which activates the turmeric). Fun yogi fact, Prana is Sanskrit for breath, or life-force. The tincture is a delicious way to keep inflammation down and keep your immunity up. In addition, these superfoods, or superroots rather, improve heart health, digestion, nausea, joint condition, and brain health.

taste: deeeeelicious. I have to stop myself from having more than one dose, I love the sweet ginger flavor!

usage: one full dropper under the tongue or mixed in liquid.

price: $33 for 1 mo supply, $60 for 2 mos, $110 for 4 mos Use Code ORGANICTRAVEL for 15% off

3. Himalayan Shilajit Resin

Shilajit is an ancient Ayurvedic substance known for its complex mineral and amino acid profile. It is harvested high in the Himalayan and Altai mountains. The uses for shilajit are endless. It is taken to improve immunity, sexual function, wound healing, digestive health, fatigue, anxiety, circulation, workout recovery, metabolism, concentration, skin regeneration and is even touted as a dietary support for cancer. I’ve been taking it daily as a general vitality supplement to help with optimal health, and I recommend you do the same too.

Does it work? Well I started taking it once I found a tumor in my left index finger and had to have emergency surgery to have it removed. I’ve been taking it all along, and two weeks into physical therapy the therapist told me that it’s miraculous how quickly I’ve healed and she is shocked by my progress. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I’m historically a very slow healer, so I’m going to take the bait that I can acredit my recovery to Shilajit.

Taste: The taste is absolutely dreadful. I love earthy, and this is so far beyond that. But, I’m pretty sure the worst something taste the better it is for you, so I’m all in.

usage: For the soft resin, use the included measuring spoon for one serving mixed in liquid daily. I mix it in something strongly flavored, like my matcha latte or a shot of tart cherry juice. I have also tried the resin dry drops. The usage for these is one a day washed down with liquid.

price: Soft Resin: 50 servings for $25, 150 servings for $37, 300 servings for $89 Dry Drops: 60 count for $12.50

4. Elix Menstrual Wellness

Elix is pretty revolutionary in the world of tinctures. Instead of blindly guessing which Ayurveda herbs are right for you, Elix offers a 10 min online quiz to help match you with your perfect concoction. The questions range from period cramp pain to bowel movements and end with you uploading a picture of your tongue (the Eastern medicine window into your health). Your herb blend will be shipped to you in a hand-addressed bottle for you to start taking 5-7 days before your period is supposed to start. As I mentioned earlier, I need all the help I can get in boosting my hormonal health and regulating my menstrual cycles. Yes, because I’d like to one-day bear offspring, but also because our hormones dictate so much more of our general wellbeing than we give them credit for.

Does it work? Well, let me tell you a little story. My cycle is all over the damn place. And while the sex Dao drops have helped it come every month, it doesn’t adhere to a 28 day cycle. So I started taking Elix May 1. Today is May 5th and aunt flo showed up hot and heavy. Coincidence? I think not my friends. Elix working so well is the whole prompt for this blog post, I felt compelled to share my success!

taste: I have a strong distaste for the flavor. I generally mix it into something that overpowers the taste all together. In the morning I usually put it into fresh ginger tea or mix it into my yogurt bowl. After dinner, I might mix it into a cacao latte.

usage: 6 drops in the AM and 6 drops in the PM for 5-7 days leading up to the start of your menstrual cycle. Keep using until the bottle is empty. Next month you start with a fresh bottle 5-7 days before your first period day.

price: $48/mo, auto ship avail for every 28 days. Follow this link for $20 off

5. Spirit Song Botanicals

Of course, I take CBD daily… why wouldn’t I?! I mostly take it to keep my inflammation in check, but it’s great for anxiety and sleep issues as well. Check out my post on how to determine the right CBD for you here. I included Spirit Song CBD on here because it’s more than just a CBD. Their products include Amazonian superplants like Ajo Sacha, a wild jungle garlic known for it’s antibacterial and antiparasitic properties, and Sangre de Grado, an effective wound healing antibacterial. Admist the pandemic, I will take any and all precautionary measures to keep my immune system fighting the good fight against viruses, colds and disease.

taste: the flavor is slightly nutty, without any of the ‘pot’ flavor of some CBDs.

does it work: I similarly started using this during the recovery process of my surgery, so it very well may have helped with inflammation and glitch-free heal wounding.

usage: one dropper under tongue.

price: $45 for 1oz bottle with 400mg CBD. Use code cgil10go for 10% off your order here.

…and honorable mention to Stunn Collective

While Stunn Collective isn’t a tincture, it is a beauty and wellness supplement offering day and night natural pills to help relieve stress from your immune system, mind and skin. I’m a big fan.

Here is a recipe video for an easy and delicious way to add any combo of these tinctures to a drink, undetected!

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