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I’m hosting a Let Me See You Smile! *giveaway* with Smile Brilliant because I want you to love your smiles as much as I do! Click here to enter 🙂

I spend a ridiculous percentage of my life smiling, and I really, really, hope the same is true for you. But maybe, if it’s not, could it be because you’re not in love with your smile?

A bright white smile gives me the confidence to flash my pearly whites excessively. Which is most likely to blame for my teeth whitening addiction.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been using Crest White Strips every other week. Whether it was before a big audition or just for a dinner date with my husband – having a white smile is the one constant in my life that has made me nearly instantaneously feel put together. But a few months ago, when I was in Utah filming Hallmark’s “Christmas Made to Order,” I made a terrible mistake: I slept in my Crest White Strips. I just had to have whiter than white teeth, and I have this stubborn greyish tooth on my bottom row that never gets as white as its neighbors. This particular tooth is not only chipped – it’s set back from the row, so the strip never sat on it correctly, leaving it still stained from my coffee, tea & red wine obsession (girls gotta live). Anyways, fell asleep with them in – woke up to out of this world sensitive teeth. So sensitive that I couldn’t breathe with my mouth open. So sensitive that even drinking room temp water bothered them. I vowed to never use strips again, and cursed myself ALL WEEK LONG while I winced every time I ate or drank… or breathed.

You see, I have always had an adverse reaction to whitening. One time I got Zoom for my wedding and cried the entire time. Like full ugly tears at the dentist, causing the treatment to be cut short. And every time I used the strips, my teeth would ache from the sensitivity. I thought it was just a small price to pay to have the confidence that came with my stark white teeth.

….but after this Utah whitening disaster, I couldn’t bring myself to whiten again with strips. So when my teeth started to stain up a month later, I researched alternative whitening kits and found Smile Brilliant – a custom tray whitening system with anti-sensitivity gel. HALLELUJAH!

The kit came pronto, and while it looked a little like a science project, it was easier than pie (what is it about pie that’s easy anyways? I mean homemade crust is borderline impossible). Mix the two puttys together, press into the tray setter, gently bite down, wait a minute, pop it out. Repeat for bottom teeth and send it back to Smile Brilliant. A few days later and your custom plastic trays show up at your front door. You use the sensitivity gel, then the whitening gel, wear for 45 min – 3 hours, and reveal movie-star white teeth without ANY sensitivity. I’m hooked.

I personally thought those instructions I just gave you were crystal clear, but if you need further explanation…

The trays are just like Invisalign, clear, easy to wear and perfectly fine to talk and run errands in. And best part of all!?! (well besides the anti-sensitivity gel) They get EVERY SINGLE TOOTH WHITE!! Since the trays are custom, they are perfectly molded to fit your unique smile, meaning each teeth gets hit with the whitening gel! My little grey lady stuck on the bottom finally has a chance to shine 😉

Listen, whether or not your teeth look like you paint them with white out, you deserve to smile. Let me repeat that, YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND SHOW YOUR HAPPY WITH YOUR BIG BEAUTIFUL SMILE. Smile until your cheeks hurt, cheese so hard your eyes squinch shut, laugh until you snort! Use that big grin of yours liberally – sharing it with friends and strangers alike. Tag me in your next shit eating grin pic @organictravel and I’ll show you some love in return 🙂 <3

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