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vegan friendly restaurants nantucket

Eating Vegan while traveling is never easy, but visiting my home turf of Massachusetts in the summer proves especially challenging.  Something about all that ice cream, seafood dripping in butter, Fenway Franks, and just a general lack of vegan compassion (or awareness......

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Find the Best CBD Product for You
January 05, 2020

Find the Best CBD Product for You

Research, I’ve done it. Products, I’ve tested them. Industry leaders, I’ve quizzed them. And here is the cumulation of my year long deep dive into the CBD industry… and the products that rose to the...

How I Stay Healthy on Flights
December 17, 2019

How I Stay Healthy on Flights

Planes are disgusting germ incubators. And airports aren’t much better. Everyone carrying diseases from God knows where they just came from. And crews that turn over planes so fast they can’t possibly have time to...

best vegan salad recipe, heart healthy fall salad recipe, easy vegan salad
November 19, 2019

Vegan Fall Rice & Pear Salad

As someone who lives the #forksoverknives life, I always get a little anxious when invited to a dinner party at someone’s home. I don’t mind not eating if there aren’t any vegetarian-friendly options (I’m more...

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