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fix low testosterone

It’s no secret that I try to fix every ailment with health foods and yoga.  You could come to me with acne woes and before I ever recommended a facial cleanser, I’d be probing your diet to try to uncover the underlying skin distress.  I have always been a firm believer that you target the cause, not just treat the symptoms. Which is unfortunately not how the rest of the western world of medicine operates.  But that’s another post for another day.  Today I’m talking about testosterone and how vital it is for men to monitor their levels after 30.

As testosterone drops, so does muscle mass, bone density, and libido. What does rise is waist lines and risks of prostate cancer and heart disease.  It is no joke. Finding the cause of low testosterone in men is important before you start any kind of treatment. And once you do that, you could take on a Testosterone-boosting therapy, say TRT. If you are new to testosterone replacement therapy, the good people at TRT UK have setup a website resource that will help you discover the pros and cons of TRT and how best to get treatment. And

While increasing gym time, dropping weight, managing stress, abstaining from alcohol and adding healthy fats to your diet can definitely help your levels from falling so dramatically… many cases just simply need more drastic measures.  But what scares me about this is that so many people are turning to prescription pills, which are causing more harm than good by damaging your liver with toxicity! If you decide to get a treatment, you would need to have a thorough cheсk up and do your tests. Mantality Health Clinic is ready to offer you safe and effective way to treat your low testosterone.

Let me back up.  The conversation all started when I met Dr. Garrett Wdowin (who is double board certified in Naturopathic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine as well as having completed a fellowship in Regenerative Medicine – no big deal) at a New Years Eve Party.  Obviously, I immediately began rambling on and on about my own health theories.  When I finally let him get a word in, I learned that Dr. Wdowin had identified a pattern amongst his male clients. The majority were suffering from low energy, poor sleep, weight gain and a slew of other issues that typical doctors just chalk up to ‘getting older.’   He helped return his patients to their peak hormone levels of their youthful 20s through a schedule of testosterone injections.  As you can imagine his practice grew and grew, and his office couldn’t handle the influx of patients… and that’s when Vitality RX was born.

fix your testosterone

We’re all busy, way too busy to drive all the way to a doctors office for a 30 second visit. Vitality RX brings the testosterone to you at home, in an easy to administer kit.  For $99 a registered nurse comes to your house or office to test your levels and teaches you how and where the self-injections will be made.  If you’re a candidate you can apply that fee to your order.  Box arrives, follow the instructions, regain your youth.  Easy as that. Or don’t… and just keep eating oysters.  Let me know how that turns out.

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