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Juice Detox Cleanse: Day 2

It’s 1:30pm of Juicin’ day two and at this point I’d juice a snickers bar if I didn’t despise cleaning up the horrific mess the juicer makes.

I’m really only continuing this facade to prove to myself that I can do it.  I weighed in at 99 pounds this morning, leaving me not much weight to shed through this detox.  I’m not hungry, the shakes are filling and delicious and I’ve been sipping green tea all morning.  But I am miserably bored and craving the crunch of a snack.
Another shake to go and we’re packing the ol juicer into the Tahoe and heading North to Bend Oregon for some camping.  Going on a 12 hour road trip without Smartfood, Trail mix or honey mustard pretzel bites seems unorthodox, but I suppose it’s worth a try if it will help keep Matt on track to melting off the lbs.

I’ve resigned to only follow the juicing detox for two full days, then start adding raw veggies and fruits to my diet.  I really don’t want to shed any more weight; under 100 pounds when you’re 5’6 is not cute, it’s sickly.  Plus, I’m still a little skeptical of this diet – I mean aren’t we losing all of the fiber  and really just drinking sugar water with some vitamins?  To me, it seems like you’d lose a heck of a lot more weight by drinking skinny water or vitamin zero waters all day and munching on endless veggies and fruits.  And throwing in protein shakes when you have a killer workout.  Now that’s a crash diet that should be patented.

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