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Finally, a Non-Toxic Yoga Mat Cleaner!

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“Okay now bring your forehead to the mat.”  Has always elicited the same exact mental freak-out in my mind:  I’m sorry you want me to do WHAT?  I’m not putting my FACE down on this community mat that other people have rolled their sweaty bodies (and feet! their feet!) all over.  Rather die.

Maybe you’re nodding in agreement with me, or maybe you think I’m being dramatic… but nothing grosses me out worse than being told to put my face on my yoga mat.  I mean, even if I’m not traveling and I’m using my own damn mat.. my feet have still been prancing all over the germ breeding surface for the past however many minutes of class.  And if my mat is freshly cleaned you ask?  Even worse!  Then I’m just putting harsh chemicals directly into my skin!! Thanks anyways.

But now that I’m actually the one teaching yoga, my face-to-mat phobia has become rather problemsome.  And of course, being an organic blogger, I know all too well that cleaning products are the most difficult switch to make on the quest for au’ natural living.  So I began diligently searching for a nontoxic mat cleaner, preferably one I could travel with when I’m taking groups on yoga retreats around the world.   Eventually, someone at the studio I teach at recommended Cuccio Somatology, a company founded by Danielle Cuccio, a yoga instructor herself!  Eureka.


Cuccio Somatology has a range of non-toxic and vegan products and potions perfect for yogis, however I’m particularly partial to their travel size yoga kit.  In an adorable little zip bag you get the mat cleaner, an energizing balance oil perfect for your morning yoga sesh, and a hydrating balancing lotion.   I keep the little kit in my yoga bag and use the products liberally to keep my mat so fresh and so clean, my mind alert and my skin supple.

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….your skin will thank me 🙂

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