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How I Stay Healthy on Flights

Planes are disgusting germ incubators. And airports aren’t much better. Everyone carrying diseases from God knows where they just came from. And crews that turn over planes so fast they can’t possibly have time to adequately disinfect your seat or, ew, the bathroom. Flying during the holidays? Who isn’t! Listen, I don’t want to instill a phobia of flying in you, but the sheer volume of travelers – many of which are snot-nosed kids – infecting your precious airspace is a bleak reality.

So how do I do it? How do I stay healthy while I’m zipping around the globe on the regular? Just a few easy to follow precautions, which I have outlined below. This isn’t some insider info, please, PLEASE share this with as many people as you can. The more travelers who fight the good fight against plane germs, the more we will all benefit! In the same vain, if you have a tip to add, please share it with me as I’ll continue to adapt this post over time.

>>>> before you fly >>>>

(1) I get an immunity-boosting IV before every flight. It adequately hydrates me and ensures I’m absorbing all of the antioxidants and vitamins I’ll need to keep my immune system humming. If dropping $150 to have someone stick a needle in your arm isn’t your cup of tea, still load up on water, electrolytes, vitamin C and antioxidants. Get yourself a coconut water, take your probiotic, and indulge in an acai bowl!

(2) Before I head to the airport, I double check that the following things are packed in my carry-on:

—<1> SPRAY hand sanitizer, I use Everyone Brand

—<2> FlightFud immune-boosting drink supplements (I like their all natural ingredients and taste better than artificially flavored Airborne, but that also works. Another option I like is NUUN. If you want to purchase flightfud at a 15% off discount use code ORGANICTRAVEL)

—<3> Zinc losengers, I like Zand elderberry flavor

—<4> Tissues, ready to offer to anyone near me who is causing a runny nose scene.

—<5> Rose Water Facial Mist, doesn’t necessarily keep me healthy, but does keep my skin from drying out. I use Willow and Moon because it has CBD in it and smells divine. Get 15% off their site w/code GODDESSWINS

—<6> Speaking of CBD, I always bring a cbd oil. Helps me to chill and relax, which allows my system to get some much needed R&R. Here is a link to find out which CBD product is the right fit for you.

—<7> Immune Boosting Tea. I usually pack an assortment of tea packets, including a ‘cold care’ blend and antioxidant boosting tea. On the plane I just ask for some hot water in a cup and I’m good to go!

—<8> Dao Drops Immunity Blend. It’s an oil blend of ayurvedic herbs that I swear by. I wouldn’t dream of flying without it! Use code CHELSEA for 20% off.

—<9> At the airport I purchase a water and coconut water for my flight.

(3) The night before my flight I sleep well. I take extra measures to give myself adequate sleep so that I don’t show up to my flight red-eyed and distressed. This is vital to keeping yourself healthy during your travels. I use the sleep app ‘Sleep Cycle‘ to make sure I’m getting 7-8 hours of shut eye.

>>>> in the air >>>>

(4) When I get to my seat, I pull out that hand sanitizer spray and I hose the place. The entire seat, the tray, the arm rests, the controls, the window, my neck pillow, the magazines, my hands, my bag, anything that can be sprayed gets a sanitizer shower. I leave the sanitizer out so I can use it again if I’m going to eat anything with my hands or use the restroom.

(5) Next I turn the air on and point it towards me. I don’t like it – it’s cold and drying – but it’s the only ‘fresh’ air I’m going to get, so I take it.

(6) If something falls on my tray, I never EVER eat it.

(7) I stay hydrated throughout the flight, and drink my tea, FlightFud, water and coconut water! I put 2-3 droppers of the Dao Drops immunity blend into one of my drinks, and the flight Fud into the other. And I usually order a glass of red wine, because of the antioxidants, of course! 😉 OH, and I never, ever, drink out of the can. So many germs living on the top of that thing!

(8) If someone next to me is deathly ill, I offer them my tissues, medicine, hand sanitizer, anything I’ve got. The healthier I keep them, the better chance I’ve got.

I’m apart of the Amazon affiliate program, if you make a purchase from one of the links I’ve hand selected, I make a small commission. It helps keep my blog up and running bug-free! I appreciate you so much for stopping by and being part of the TravelingFig community. Safe and healthy travels my friends!

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