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7 Steps For the Perfect Beach Body NOW!

There’s some validity to the statement “abs are built in the winter”(I know.. PANIC just set in), but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get started on the path to your perfect beach body now! Here are 7 tips to get you on your way!


    1. Establish a baseline so you can track your progress. LOG everything.
    2. WATER, start uping your intake now.  It’s easy to fall behind in staying hydrated in the winter.
    3. Reduce dinner portions and cut back on snacking before bed. Breakfast should be your biggest meal of the day!
    4. Plan ahead and pack your lunch so you don’t make poor decisions! Try to pack lunches that are vegetable based with a bit of protein and light dressing (like 0 calorie lemon juice with garlic and pepper, yum!)
    5. HIIT training & CARDIO! High intensity interval training is the King in torching calories and burning fat.  Try jogging between 3-5 mailboxes, then sprinting between the next two. Repeat. 
    6.  Snacks should contain protein so they are satiating and keep you full longer.  Especially after a workout to aid in muscle recovery & building!
    7. Get a weight loss BFF and hold each other accountable.. but also cheer one another on!


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