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Little Next Door: A Review

So.. I absolutely adore French food.  Maybe even more-so than my obsession with cute animals and Elvis.  And by ‘I adore French food’ I mean stand between me and a good croque madame and I will unleash my new founded kickboxing skills on you and everyone that has the misfortune of keeping your company.

Anyways, lucky for me, Los Angeles is scattered with delightful little brassieres.. and lucky for you I’ve eaten at each one of them a dozen times and can accurately recite every single menu highlight to you.  While it’s difficult for me to walk away from any French cuisine unsatisfied, there’s one restaurant in particular that has no competition in my book.  The Little Next Door.I can’t explain my affection for a good ol’ crock of french onion, a gruyere and ham sandwich, salted caramel macaroon and nutella croissant, but The Little Next Door does it for me.  If I could give up sex for food (and not get fat) I’d sign my soul to LND in a heartbeat.  And here’s why.

     The atmosphere is unsurpassed.  A fabulous little bakery with homemade delicatessens, delectable wines, and a quaint outdoor, yet private, seating; LND could easily be stowed away in Nice.  So lets just entertain the dreadful idea that you’re only visiting and can only eat here one time.  YOU MUST GET: a lychee mimosa, an order of blackberry jam with your toast, the french onion soup, croque madam, a side of balsamic kale and apple, a salted caramel macaron, and a chocolat (purposely leaving out the e for effect) croissant.  Throw in a side of the potato gratin, roasted red beets and baked goat cheese salad with orange ginger dressing too.  I have enjoyed every single other thing on the menu.  and this is the best.  Oh, and don’t forget to take a gruyere and ham croissant, heated of course, for the road. You’ll thank me later.

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