There are so many times i wish I could shoot home to do my laundry, or ask advice while helping weed the garden, or raid my parents cabinets for the zebra cakes they still buy for me even though I have told them for the last 8 years I am watching my figure.

I miss them so much.  And while technology helps us communicate daily, it’s just not the same.  Sometimes you need a hug from your dad over a bud light and rummy, a shopping trip with your mom, or a good heart pounding run through the cranberry bogs with your dogs.

It is a cruel reality that our parents are so much older than us, that they don’t get to experience our entire lives right along with us.  Maybe I’ll come to terms with the passing of the torch and the circle of life, but for now it just seems unfathomable.  I truly cannot imagine a single day without chatting on the phone with Papa, or calling my mom excited about a new audition.

Blame it on only child syndrome (like I do everything else), but my parents and my mom’s twin sister are more than just a mom, a dad and an aunt, they honestly are my very best friends.

They will never stumble upon this blog, but it feels good knowing that my gratitude and love for them is out there in the universe.

Never forget where you came from, but more importantly, don’t forget those who helped you get to where you are.

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