One could get lost on my site in diet tips and tricks, healthy recipes and weight loss secrets… and I whole heartedly stand by each and every article posted.  But as my own wedding day approached, I started to feel sheer panic about diet & exercise.  I knew what to do – I am a self proclaimed expert who has coached countless bride to their ideal wedding weight after all – but now that it was my turn, I found each meal agonizing. I found a discount calculator that I have found discounts on some great weight loss supplements.  Eating too much, eating too little, too much sodium, should I cut out nightshades?  How much protein? When should I eat? Am I over-exercising?  Why do I keep stress eating?  Grocery store runs became a nightmare as I scrutinized every single purchase. And especially for wedding dresses, one can’t really afford to be a spendthrift. It can be a tedious task, with something as important as your wedding which would be imminent, to figure out what offer suits one the best. Hence, it pays (pun intended) to know which place offers you the best; by effortlessly calculating the discounts with a discount calculator. I was running out of time and my stress levels were at an all time high when I hit the one month wedding mark.  Didn’t help that I had just returned from a 3 week stint on the East coast (where obviously all I ate was lobster rolls and mudslides) and a 2 week RV excursion across the US (where obviously all I ate was trail mix, beef jerky and lard cooked meals). It wasn’t pretty.  I was bloated and puffy with dry skin and hair.  Not to mention in a full blown panic about being the first bride in history to not look my absolute best on my wedding day!

Thankfully, I had a proven track record of success with Chef V, so I ordered the 21 day obsessive cleanse.  And I could not be more grateful.  I owe Chef V tremendously for keeping my stress, weight and bloat down so I could focus on the pure joy and bliss of getting married!

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21 Days of Green Juice & Plant Based Protein every morning 

It takes 3 weeks to make (or break) habits, so sticking to a 21 day plan is absolutely essential for the bride to be. Waking up every morning and starting my day with the delicious and refreshing green juice wasn’t just part of a routine, it became the most enjoyable part of my day.  Every morning I would mentally map out my ‘to-do’ list while I nourished my body with fresh vegetables.  The juice became addicting, and I started to crave the healthy start to my morning.  I especially loved starting my day sugar-free.  Last thing this bride needed was sugar induced breakouts and mid-day crashes!  It was lovely to cut out alcohol & coffee, and my skin was almost instantaneously clearer and brighter, my hair softer and more manageable.  I filled my lunches and dinners with organic vegetables, fish, chicken and fruit. After a week, everything I ate tasted more flavorful.  My tastebuds had returned from their sugar comatose and I began to experience the intense flavor of foods I once deemed bland, like potatoes!  It was incredible.  The program also kept me consciously guzzling filtered water all day long, which is essential to the bridal glow & a healthy functioning digestive system.



WHY I CHOSE THE OBSESSIVE CHALLENGE (and why you should too!)

3 day cleanse each week for 3 weeks while on the 21 Day program

I chose the obsessive cleanse because I was determined to look and feel my best.  I knew that having a 3 day protein shake/juice/soup cleanse every week would keep me on track.  And honestly, I looked forward to these three days each week.  It was an opportunity for me to forget about grocery store runs or making dinner. Not to mention, a much needed break from over-training.  During these three days, I was able to reconnect with myself.  I upped my water intake, cleared my mind, and focused on meditation and stretching instead of assaulting my body in Barry’s Bootcamp.  I got good nights’ sleeps and lowered my stress levels.  But for me, the very best part was that I felt like I had more hours in the day during the cleanse days.  Less time spent on food prep and stopping for a salad, less time at the gym, less time mentally beating myself up for over-indulging.  These three days a week for three weeks shrunk my stomach and broke my dependence on food. I didn’t need to eat as much and as often as I had become accustomed to.  With Chef V, I regained control of my eating habits.



1. Do not over-exert yourself during the cleanse days.  Use this time to unwind, meditate, stretch or do light yoga.


2. Stick to organic, approved foods.  Sweet potatoes were a great lunch option for me.  Baked with a bit of coconut oil, spinach and pine nuts – yum!  But I also tried so many of the Chef V recipes from Veronica Wheat’s cookbook.  Here’s an adaptation for vegan & gluten free mac & ‘cheese’:


3. Don’t starve yourself.  If you’re actually hungry, then eat a small snack. Handful of unsalted almonds, some baby carrots with hummus, a small apple.

4. Speaking of snacks, keep some healthy options on hand at all times!  Don’t go too long between eating/drinking.


5. Stay hydrated! This is your best excuse for getting all your recommended daily water, and then some! I STRONGLY recommend investing in alkaline & filtered water, not drinking from the tap or out of plastic water bottles.

6. Don’t beat yourself up if you mess up here and there. You are going to be an absolutely stunning bride, promise!  Life is meant to be enjoyed. Yes, even the month leading up to your wedding!

7. Along those lines: Don’t abstain from enjoying a mimosa at your bridal shower because you’re on the cleanse.  This time of your life is all about you – and enjoying every moment! Have the damn mimosa and enjoy every sip.  Heck – get crazy and have a piece of cake your mom made for your shower too!  You can get right back on track tomorrow glitch-free.

8. The week of your wedding: Do your last 3 day cleanse starting that Monday so you will have solid foods the few days leading up to your wedding.

9. I recommend switching to low sodium fish & greens and limiting carbs and fruit that last week before wedding bells.  This will really help you slim down and look your absolute best without compromising your nutritional in take of minerals and vitamins.


10. ENJOY IT!! The cleanse, the wedding prep, the actual day!  You’re getting married and you are treating your body and soul goooood by nourishing them!  Go you! No matter what, this is your time to shine – and nothing shines better than confidence! Chef V will definitely help you feel and look your best, but so much of your bridal glow comes from within.  Be happy with your progress and savor every second of your special day. <3



MRS. Breliant <3


  1. Amazing! Love this post! Want to share it everywhere! Thanks for the cross support, but actual honesty, which lacks most places today! 🙂 XO Chef V

    1. of course! I am so indebted to you and your program and genuinely enjoy sharing my success!

  2. All right, I made my mind! I just bought my 21 days program! 🙂 Thank you C – I guess you’ll see if it works for me too soon 🙂

    1. woohoo! I’m so excited for you – you’re going to love it!! <3

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