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how to ‘do’ Hipster in Hollywood

Alright.  There’s something I need to get off my chest.
I am all for ‘hipster’ and even dress quite ‘hipster-esque’ on occasion, but the hollywood hipsters seem to be a tad confused.
Lets take some lessons from the NY crowd shall we?
1. Hipsters should look like they’re not trying – but still pull off sexy.  Its not staring at your closet for 4 hours before bearing your less than fit mid drift, wearing a retched fedora and cutting holes in perfectly good tights.
2. If you’re a guy, there’s a fine line between looking ‘hip’ and looking flamboyantly gay. If you can’t fit your credit card in your pants pocket, you’ve crossed the line.
3. Mustaches were fun!  but they’re going out. Enjoy your last month or two max of mustache inspired fashion statements then let it go.

 4. Bandeaus are sexy and can totally turn an outfit hipster chic.  But letting your entire bra show — or lack of bra show in place of a cute lacy bandeau does not make you a hipster it makes you a whore.

5. On that note, bra-less is sexy.  If you have an a or small b cup.  if not, for god’s sake please put them in some kind of holster.
6. I’m over the glasses for people who have perfect eye sight.  you don’t see me walking around with ‘statement’ braces do you? Now you may order parts of sunglasses online if yours are broken or some parts need replacement.
7. Sunglasses, plaid, jean tops, high waist shorts, distressed tees and hats are a do. But scarves?  scarves are a must.
8. You can lie all you want and say you only buy vintage and eat vegan.  But for god sakes don’t say it while you scarf down in and out wearing an entire Urban Outiffters ensemble that hasn’t even hit the sales rack yet.
9. Lastly. You can drone on and on about how you like so and so before it became mainstream, but i neither believe you or care.  I’m too busy filtering pictures of us posing with our cigarettes and frowning at clubs, because we’re totally over the scene and cannot wait to get out of here and hit up sayers where the rest of our no name actor friends sit around and denounce celebrities for selling out.

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