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Nespresso of Beverly Hills: A Review

As a self proclaimed Beverly Hills dining aficionado, I pride myself in staying well acquainted with any new restaurant that pops up in 90210.    …So one can only imagine my giddiness when the new Nespresso Boutique Bar opened shop on Beverly Drive.

The idea is novel to me.  The Nespresso Boutique is, in my opinion, foremost a store and second a cafe. Inside, you are greeted by a hostess standing in front of a long, pristine coffee bar displaying a few specialty croissants and pastries.  To the right, futuristic table seatings are carefully situated, leading out to a typical al fresco dinning section.  The walls are lined with large soulful photos exemplifying the wrinkle creases of the coffee drinkers they portray.  The spacious 20 foot ceilings are lined with every flavor Nespresso cup you could dream of, with tasting counters and product displays laid out along the back section of the space.

Simply put, Nespresso is an Apple store, but for espresso machines.  It feels rather revolutionary as you
strain your neck glancing upwards at capsules lining the wall.  Truthfully, just the notion that the boutique can inhabit a space of this magnitude on Beverly Drive impressed me.

The espresso, as expected, was perfect.  The coffee selections were expansive, and surprisingly they offered quite a few beer and wine choices as well, but the food menu was pretty limited.  I ordered the most intense flavor in an americano and was delighted that the glass coffee mug was served with a dark chocolate square.  I also tried the iced coffee milkshake with two shots of espresso, vanilla ice cream, whip cream, and chocolate shavings.  The drink was tasty, but the ice cream was overpowered by the strong espresso.  For food, I had the fresh fruit plate – which was actually rather disappointing in terms of freshness, and the kale salad with chicken.  The salad was comprised of craisins, pine nuts, kale, lemon juice, olive oil, pecorino, strawberries and salty grilled chicken.

I wouldn’t return for the food… but to try one of the desserts with a cup of coffee?  Yes, most definitely.  The space is great for a lunch meeting or to finish some work on your laptop over a cup of coffee.

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