Can you remember the last time you couldn’t stop smiling?  The last time you were so blissfully happy that you had tears in your eyes and you felt completely at one with yourself and the world you inhabit?

I couldn’t either.  Until today.
I was leaving a shoot for a health and fitness show for cable, about to make the trek home.  While I was listening to Kenny Chesney and making mental checklists of things I needed to get done, I slipped out a smile.  Today was fun, the shoot went great, and who know? It could lead to even more.
Thankfully, I am not unaccustomed to this feeling of contentment, or pride, or accomplishment… or even happiness in general.  I feel truly blessed most mornings and I still have moments of bliss that take my breath away.  I relished in the grin before being snapped back to reality with an email notification.

The email was asking me for a background check following a callback I went on.  From the Travel Channel.  Sure it’s just a pilot, and yes nothing is set in stone.. but I am so close to my dream life, I can taste it.
In this brief instance I was overcome with joy.  An uninhibited bliss I hadn’t felt since my childhood. I felt like I was in the right place at the right time.  That the stars were aligned, that my destiny was in my hands.. and that, after getting lost and breaking down a time or two, I was finally on the right path.
This might not be my break, but it was the reminder I needed that my dreams are attainable.. and if I hang in there and stay positive, they will come to fruition.
I don’t always love myself, but I’m trying to learn to.  And with each day that I work to find myself and discover who I am and who I want to become, I feel a little closer to actualizing my dreams.
 Now that I know this feeling, I want to aspire to find it again, and again until it’s a normal indulgence.  I’m going to double count my blessings, hope for the best, put myself out there and reach for the stars …but hopefully feel completely content if I land somewhere close instead.
And I wish the same for all of you. too. 🙂

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