Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy Urth Cafe just as much as the next socialite, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard Urth’s less crowded (and less pompous) neighbor, Le Pain Quotidien.
What to order:  I come here for their bread baskets, which are served with signature raspberry and apricot jams and (drum roll) white chocolate, dark and regular hazelnut spreads.  Other signature dishes include the baked goods (with an asterisk on the chocolate croissant), the tartines and the Mediterranean plate.

 Location: the Beverly Hills location is fine.. but the outdoor seating leads much to be desired if you’ve ever visited the Melrose location.   At Melrose you feel like you’re in a bed and breakfast, sitting on a large wrap around porch it’s a perfect spot to relax over a latte. The outback patio offers a little more privacy for someone hoping to coop up with their computer or a good read.  Oh and bring fido.  The outdoor seating is very dog friendly.

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