Weekend in Miami — ULTRA


1. Don’t go unless you can get on the guest list for clubs …or go planning on dropping a grand a day and still waiting in line.

2.  Just because there’s a dj doesn’t mean you should wear a neon tu-tu.  Actually, you shouldn’t even own one, so start by tossing anything that obnoxious away now.

3. Wear leopard …and a lot of it.  Miamis perhaps the only place where it’s not only acceptable but encouraged.4. You don’t have to go to every single Ultra event to get the experience.  Use your time and energy wisely.  If you miss your favorite dj chances are you’ll still see him 3 times at different clubs over the weekend.5. Go to Liv. And let the fist pumping and champagne showers ensue.

6. Pool parties aren’t during the day, they start at 7 pm.  Plan your drinking wisely, it is very likely you’ll be just leaving the club at 7 am.

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