*Giveaway* Kor Plus Water Filter Bottle!

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The ‘Plastic Free July’ movement has really inspired me to evaluate my going green efforts. Of course, I already gave up buying plastic water bottles for our home years ago and am rarely seen without my reusable S’well (seriously – how the hell does the water stay cold all day?! It’s got to be magic).  But does that mean I’m not guilty of occasionally buying plastic water bottles?  Unfortunately, more times than not, I find myself with an empty reusable bottle and a parched throat. Whether I’m on a vacation or just out of the house for too long on any given day, I’m no stranger to running into a convenience store for some h20. Ugh, it makes me cringe. Visit, which contains  a lot of options for pristine drinking water.

The solution should be that all stores should be mandated to have filtered water stations (I’ll pay for my fill up!), but until then I’m so over-joyed that I’ve found Kor Plus Water and cannot wait to share it with you!

Kor+ is a bpa free reusable water bottle with a coconut shell and charcoal filter that turns your dank, polluted (well, at least if you live in LA) tap water into a purified, alkaline, antioxidant + electrolyte infused indulgence.  You might never be able to enjoy regular water again!

And if you’re an athlete (or just someone who pours sweat from carrying the groceries, whatever), you should be running to their website to purchase one of their bottles + filters.  This is water that works for you, to deliver perfect PH hydration boosting, electrolyte replenishing, goodness.   And best of all, you can fill your water bottle up at any tap. That’s pretty revolutionary.

Okay, so here’s how it works:

  1. Your enter to win a Kor+ bottle and filter by liking my last photo on @organictravel, following @organictravel & @korwater, and tagging your that one friend who acts annoyed but really looooves when you tag them all day long in memes, quotes, and giveaways. Multiple entries allowed but contest is only open to US residents.  Sorry!
  2. Once you win the bottle (or you purchase it here), you’ll be sent your goodies ASAP with free shipping.
  3. Yay! it’s here! Remove the filter and soak overnight.
  4. Rinse the bottle, put the filter in, fill with tap water, indulge in sweet delicious miracle water.  Repeat. Aim to drink 3 refills a day for maximum hydration so you start glowing from the inside out.
  5. Tag us in your pics, so we can see where you take your KorWater!
  6. Every month you’ll be sent a new filter automatically. Discard the only one, soak the new one overnight, repeat steps 4 & 5.  Filter subscriptions can be paused or canceled at any time.

Listen, you know the benefits of stay hydrated.  But not all water is created equally.  Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to enhanced water that isn’t dangerously high in chlorine… and feel good about saving the environment while you do it.

Do you have a favorite #PLASTICFREEJULY tip? I’m all ears!  Leave a comment below or message me privately.



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