This might be the longest I’ve gone without posting.. but it is for good reason.

I have been really busy!!! I booked the travel channel pilot! I’ve been working on a webseries called “Filmin’ in Noho”! I filmed something for “Veria Healthy Living Network”! Worked as a model for “SWYT Culture Shoes” and got called back to work another day because I killed it!  Booked a medical detective role on “Angel City”!  working as a social media expert at the Marketing Heaven!  Blogging for $$ for a social media company! And the list, and the exclamation points, goes on!

I feel blessed.  Stressed and blessed. I’m so hectic and feel a little out of control, but it’s this amazing – the world is at your feet – out of control.  I’m trying so hard to actualize my dreams, and every day I feel a bit closer.

I am overwhelmed with happiness.  A joy so refreshing and new.. that it feels almost foreign.  I know with certainty that I am on the right path, and even if I veer slightly off, at least it will be in the right direction.

Cannot wait to find the time to share everything with you. To reflect on all the absurdities on set, my first time at the magic castle, new trx routines, auditioning nightmares, a recipe for kale chips.. just everything.

This is the choppiest & least cohesive post I have ever written, but I feel obliged to spit something out while I am in my euphoria.

So, I leave you with this:

Find something or someone that makes you smile so big your cheeks hurt.  Laugh until you’re worried you’ll pee your pants.  Dream bigger than you think feasible.  Jog the extra mile.  Sing karaoke.  Hug everyone you love.  Find your purpose.  Feel the music.  Step out of your comfort zone.  And be true to you.

Thanks for the clicks.  Every time I see my daily hits rise , I feel a bit more connected to you all, and a bit more in sync with humanity.  Love you. xoxo

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