Life Lessons & Vents

20 Life Lessons I Learned from My Dog

  1. Be grateful for your kibbles.
  2. If you truly want something, bark until you get it.
  3. Hide a few bones for a rainy day.
  4. But don’t be afraid to enjoy your best bones when you get ’em.  You deserve it.
  5. You shouldn’t prejudge anyone you meet until you’ve sniffed their butts.
  6. Play with abandon.
  7. Chase the ball as fast as you can.  And don’t stop running until you get it.
  8.   Jump into the ocean without feeling the temperature first
  9.     Be loyal to the ones you love. And protect them.
  10.  Keep your fur from getting matted, but don’t obsess about it.
  11. Live in the present.
  12. Trust your senses.
  13. Start each morning with a good stretch to keep away those nasty dog hot spots.
  14. Never turn down a belly rub.
  15. Enjoy the ride.
  16. Water is the only beverage that you need.  You don’t need coffee.  Or wine.
  17. Don’t rush out of bed.
  18. Stop and smell the roses.
  19. If you truly love someone, show them.  With a big kiss and a good cuddle.
  20. And above all, love unconditionally, with all of your heart.

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