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Blogging Life – 2 Years in

My blog went from getting a few dozen hits a day (probably mostly by accident) to averaging 1500/day.  Which, to me, is no small feat.  I’ve poured my heart and soul into some of these posts… revealing secrets and fears, elaborating my faults and shortcomings.  And sure, the majority of my posts are snarky and rude.. poking fun at this or that.  But it’s all in good nature.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m the furthest from malicious; my blog simply provides me with a venue to stretch out my comedic wit.  I sincerely apologize if I have ever offended anyone with my posts, please know that it was never my intention.

 The blog was born on a downtrodden day shortly after I had grudgingly moved back to Boston.  I felt stuck and depressed… like I had been condemned to a life I didn’t chose.  Dramatic as it seems, writing out my feelings and publishing them for anyone in the world to see felt comforting.  Like maybe someone somewhere will stumble upon my measly blog and feel something.  Maybe they’ll even be able to rescue me from myself, or at least point me in a new, refreshing direction.

With time the blog developed, as did I.   I opened myself to try cooking, baking, gardening, cycling, and a whole bunch of other things I had always placed on the back burner.  I studied fashion more closely, took detailed notes while traveling, narrowed down my bucket list, and made a mental promise to live fully in the moment so I could recount and reflect upon it later.  The blog changed me.  It helped me find my voice and admit that I want so desperately to be an actress. Something I hadn’t even said aloud to my dearest friends.  As the positive feedback and followers grew, my confidence grew and now my goals to finish a book and pilot feel attainable.

Someone once asked me why I write and I responded that it helps me make sense of life and reminds me to stay focused on my goals.  He responded, cute cookie cutter response.. but I think you’re like me.  I think you write for an audience.

And in a lot of ways, he’s right.  If I wanted to simply make sense of my life or recount my travels I’d keep it in a diary under my bed.  What I crave is fame and praise.  I want to be a renowned travel writer, fashion blogger, foodie, satiric storyteller..  whatever it is.. I want to be well read.

So, right around my blogs 2nd birthday, I’d like to thank you.  For reading.

besos y amor,


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