The daunting pessimism about the future is inescapable today. Growing up in a country embedded in individualism and the pursuit of materialistic prosperity, my generation is inundated with the notion that success is measured solely by wealth. With an unstable economy and poor job market for college graduates, feelings of shame and hopelessness are rampant. Despite this, the first question we ask one another is “what do you do for work” and the first descriptor on a Facebook profile is “occupation.”

Granted it was the “I Heart Denim” Party and an excellent network opportunity for the niche group of Boston’s fashion & entertainment professionals.  But why do we define ourselves foremost by our profession?  and why does the conversation end there?  I’m tired of being sized up solely based on what I do to make a paycheck.  I’m equally tired of immediately passing judgement on others based on their titles, or lack there of.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I too have dismissed countless new acquaintances on the basis of how someone answers my, “what do you do” interrogation.

It’d be nice, just once have someone say, “What are you passionate about”

Model Cub Staff @ I heart denim party

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