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Two Week Drop the Weight Detox Diet!

TOTAL BODY TWO WEEK DETOX BOOTCAMP – Join me as I clean out my organs while rejuvenating my skin, hair and overall well being!
February, the month everyone officially cancels their shakeology plan and deflates (or rather inflates) with defeat. But not for us my little tulips.  This year, I have revolted against ye ol resolution and decided to adopt a one-day-at-a-time lifestyle of self improvement.  Noble, perhaps, but it actually feels a bit more attainable than my normal ‘lose my love handles by Jan 31 or become a nun’ mantra.

So here it goes!  This is your two week jumpstart diet!  Read the chart, shed a tear for the lack of wine and chocolate, then scroll below for words of encouragement.

Feels daunting?  It’s two stinkin’ weeks.. you can do it.   And this is not a starvation plan – it’s quite the opposite. These two weeks will be quick and painless and you’ll be showering me with love letters once the weight starts sliding off.  This plan is built to be affordable, easy and effective.  If you are looking for a more gourmet approach to weight loss, please visit the food section of my blog for truffle infused recipes and splurge worthy tips!  But remember, this plan is meant to be mostly monotonous … in weeks three and four I will add nuts, yogurt more fruits, meats and grains (and yes chocolate and wine)… but these two weeks are a bootcamp. Clearly, we have all learned by now that no trail mix is safe in the house, and whoever denoted 1/4 cup as the serving size should be ostracized from society .  I mean, I’ve been ‘dieting’ for years and I have never had just one serving of nuts.. lets get real. My two week plan will shrink your stomach, and keep you full of good heart-healthy nutrients that will detox your system, rev your metabolism and get you on the right track for healthy life-long maintenance of your ideal weight.  Another founding component of this two week jumpstart is to nix our addiction to sugar and salt.  For good.
Disclaimer: Please check your caloric needs with a dietician or primary care doctor before starting any diet plan or their new program.  It is also important to have your blood work checked for any vitamin deficiencies that may be holding you back from letting go of stubborn weight.


1. buy all of the food you will need the day before you start the plan.  Also please rid your cabinets of the foods you cannot resist when you’re binge watching Orange is the New Black (ie: box of cheese itz, peanut butter m&ms, etc). You do not need to throw any of these foods away, I am 100% against wasting food.  Just freeze if possible… or put them out of sight, out of mind.   If you are on a budget, I suggest shopping at Trader Joe’s to find the best prices for decent quality.
– scroll down to see full recipe and video.


Fresh Produce
-4 bags of spinach
-4 apples
-4 oranges
-I bulb of fennel
-3 large sweet potato
-1 bag of lemons
-1 avocado
-2 bags of baby carrots
– 1 bag of celery
-2 bag of broccoli & cauliflower mix
-2 zucchini & summer squash
-1 garlic bulb
-1 bulb of ginger
-1 onion
-unsweetened almond milk
-carton of egg whites
-1 package of 2 frozen chicken breast
-4 bags frozen berries
-Vega protein (or another all natural, plant based protein in whichever flavor you prefer.  No added sugar or artificial sweeteners, NO SOY) Other approved brands: Raw, Orgain, Plant Fusion, Trader Joe’s Hemp protein
-Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
-Organic Coconut Oil
-Teas (I like Yogi blueberry slim life or berry detox)
-2 cans low sodium tuna fish
-low sodium chicken or vegetable broth
-cinnamon or nutmeg for smoothies, onion and mushrooms for scramble and/or soup, frozen butternut squash for soup… basically any stinkin veggie or herb you love, buy it


  1. No alcohol for two weeks.  WHAT?  I know, it sucks.  As a wine-aholic who also is a sucker for a cucumber margarita… giving up alcohol for the past month has been brutal.  But I’m still social!  I just go out and order a soda water — and you know what, sometimes I don’t even realize I’m not drinking!  If you absolutely have to have a drink on the weekend, make it a wine spritzer and add an extra day to the plan. Just remember, this is for you – don’t make this plan into a sentence, you should feel energized by the courage you have to take control of your health.  But truthfully the easiest way for this to work is to completely rid your body of toxins.  Next week, we are switching to a red detox juice to cleanse your liver… and it’s not going to be nearly as useful at doing so if you’ve got a sea of vodka sodas floating in there.
  2. Take a multivitamin with zinc and iron and a fish oil supplement everyday.  During this plan, I am also going to take milk thistle because I really want to give my liver a good cleanse. I will also take a digestive enzyme to ensure my body is extracting all the nutrients I need from the food.   Please talk to your doctor about the appropriate supplements for your body.
  3. No coffee. I know, another yikes.  But unlimited tea!  An over abundance of tea even!
  4. Record your weight and your mood first thing in the morning and right before bed every day of the plan.
  5. No exercise!  I still want you to maintain your normal routine if it includes yoga, pilates, or other low impact aerobics.  But this week, since the calories are restricted – let’s take a break from the weights and spin classes.  This doesn’t mean melt onto your couch.  Still walk your dog please.
  6. Take your time and enjoy each bite of food.
  7. Drink a gallon of water a day.
  8. Track your progress and share your excitement!  It’s not just about fitting into some damn skinny jeans that aren’t even in style anymore anyways.. it’s about being healthy and happy in your skin.


Wake up with a cup of hot water and slice of lemon to detox your body.  Take this tea somewhere quiet in your house sit and think of your intentions for the day.  Take 5 deep breaths and thank yourself for starting your morning on a positive note and relieve yourself from any guilt or stress.
Every morning for breakfast you are going to have the same smoothie, because it is satiating, nutrient packed and has low sugar.
My recommended smoothie is the GREEN DETOX SMOOTHIE:
-2 heaps of spinach
-1 scoop vega (or other organic plant based protein powder. I use chocolate flavor)
-1/2 cup frozen berries
-1/3 almond milk
-3 ice cubes
-Optional add ins: chia seeds, stevia, 1/4 avocado, flax seeds, greek yogurt, cinnamon, nutmeg
This smoothie will keep you full… but if you are like me, feeling full isn’t the problem, you’re just a bored eater who loves to continually munch.   When you get that urge to chew –  reach for your apple or orange to hold you over to lunch time.



Preheat oven to 350.  Squeeze lemon juice, 1/2 tsp of coconut oil and fresh herbs (I like garlic, pepper, rosemary and thyme) onto 2 de-thawed chicken breasts. Cut 1 large sweet potato in half and wrap both pieces in tin foil.  Place chicken and sweet potato in oven on a cooking sheet.  Take chicken out after 15 minutes (there should be no pink in the middle when cut).  Keep the sweet potato in for another 30 minutes, or until soft.  Enjoy one chicken breast with half of a sweet potato for lunch on Sunday.   The second breast and other half of the sweet potato should be placed in a glass tupperware to bring to work with you on Monday.  If re-heating, put in the microwave for 3 minutes.

Easy as it sounds. Cook up 1 cup of quinoa and grill up whatever veggies you fancy with whichever spices you like in coconut oil.  Divide between two glass Tupperware containers and you’ve got two more satiating lunches.
Drain two cans of tuna and mix with one avocado, a squeeze of lemon, pepper, paprika, maybe a little mustard, a bit of chopped onion and chopped celery if you’re feeling crazy… and if you are really feeling wild maybe shred some of those baby carrots.  The possibilities are endless.  Divide the salad into two glass tupperware containers and fill with spinach.
1/2 tsp of coconut oil, whatever vegetables and herbs you like and half a container of egg whites and you’ve got yourself a pretty filling lunch!

Snacks Snacks Snacks.

Carry around a bag of baby carrots, cut up cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, jicama, etc.  Munch on these freely.  I don’t mind if you overdose on baby carrots – I really don’t!  But try to ask yourself why you’re so inclined to eat them.  You shouldn’t be hungry after the smoothie, apple and lunch… is it just a habit? Is it stress?  This is the real root to the problem and something that deserves attention.


There are a few great things about this soup.  The first is that is is just so incredibly healthy and good for you it’s a shame not to eat it.   The second is that you make it in a crockpot and just add to it over the week — but never really have to do any real work.  The best thing is that you can have as much of this soup as you please.. and at any old hour of the day or night.   The not so good news is that no one would ever mistake it for an entree at a Michelin star restaurant.   I promise, if you get through this with me –  next weeks soup is much tastier.


-fennel (1/4 bulb) 
*Great for alleviating indigestion, flatulence, menstrual discomfort and anemia
-apple cider vinegar (1/4 cup)
*High in fiber, increased iron absorption, mood enhancement
-cayenne pepper (3/4 tsp)
*Anti cold/flue/allergen, reduces joint pain, revs metabolism
-lemon (1-2 squeezed)
*Alkalize the body, high in vitamin C, relieves indigestion
-ginger (1 tbsp)
*Anti-inflamatory, reduces nausea and indigestion, enhances fat absorption
-garlic (2 cloves, minced)
*Boosts immune system, reduces inflammation,
-low sodium chicken or vegetable broth (1 1/2 cups)
*Boosts immunity, great source of minerals (calcium, magnesium), aid digestion
-white wine (1/3 cup)
*Delivers antioxidants
-sweet potatoes (2 cubed)
*High in vitamin B6 and B12, contain iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C
-celery (3 stocks, chopped)
*Aids digestion
-carrots (3 chopped)
*Anti aging benefits, great for skin
-spinach (3 cup)
*Loaded with vitamins: A, K, D and E, good source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
-water to top (2-3 cups depending on slow cooker size)
ALL of these ingredients are optional!  Add or replace any spice or vegetable at will!  Zucchini, squash, peas, broccoli, asparagus, mushrooms, leeks, beets, potatoes, basil oregeno, basil — you name it, it can go in!  And the beautiful thing is – you can keep adding to this soup as the week goes on! Let all ingredients simmer on low for 6+ hours.


Okay.  I get it.  Tea is no substitute for wine and celery sure as hell doesn’t come close to red velvet cupcakes.  But these are your options.   At anytime throughout the day if you feel an urge to snack you can grab raw vegetables, or eat a bowl of the detox soup.  I also encourage you to have as much tea as your little heart desires.  Try all different kinds – but stick to caffeine free after 4pm.   Another great appetite suppressant that packs serious health benefits is 10 oz of water with a tsp of apple cider vinegar and some cinnamon sprinkled in.  Chug that down and you won’t be hungry — plus your body will be doing double time to detoxify and metabolize.
Good luck!  Just message me with any comments or questions – everything can be tweaked depending on dietary or lifestyle needs.

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