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One Week til “I Do” Diet!

1. Every morning start your day with warm water with lemon, ginger and 2 tsp apple cider vinegar. This is a natural diuretic and will help balance your body’s ph levels.  Sip this somewhere quiet and focus on setting good intentions for your day and week. Keeping stress low is key to helping the last few stubborn pounds slide off.

2. Get a short burst of energy before breakfast. (20 pushups, 20 jumping jacks, 20 crunches or a 1 mi quick jog).  Follow it up by a quick stretch.

3. Breakfast, Choose 1:

-Cup of fresh berries with 1 hard boiled egg

-6 egg whites scrambled in 1 tsp coconut oil with any combinations of vegetables and herbs

-1 scoop plant based protein powder (like Vega one) with 1 heap spinach or kale, 1 handful frozen berries, coconut milk or water and ice

4. Lunch: Choose 1: 

-2 cups any combination sauteed vegetables in 1 tsp coconut oil

-2 cups boiled or raw vegetables with 2 tbsp sprouted organic hummus

-4 cups of salad with balsamic vinegar dressing & topped only with vegetables – no cheese, dressings, craisins, nuts, croutons, etc.

-1 scoop plant based protein powder (like Vega one) with 1 heap spinach or kale, 1 handful frozen berries, coconut milk or water  and ice

-4 ounces plain fish or chicken with 1/2 cup vegetables or 1 cup salad.

-2 cups ‘detox soup’ -low sodium broth with vegetables and chicken

5. Dinner, Choose 1:

-same choices as lunch. You should have your dinner no later than 6PM.

6. Snacks:

-raw or steamed vegetables (cucumbers, baby carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower etc).  Sorry! That’s it!  Stop any snacking at least 3 hours before bed.  You may have a snack anytime you’re feeling hungry, but don’t just stress eat!

7. Take alternating work out classes after work.  Spin one night, pilates the next.  If you take a heavy lifting class at night, replenish protein with 1 scoop protein powder mixed with water. Otherwise, only have water and tea after 6PM

8. Teas.  Sip on tea throughout the day. Have 1-2 cups of green tea during your day.  You should also invest in a good detox tea to have at night before bed (not smoothmove, look for something containing licorice root, dandelien root, oregeno, ginger and/or fennel.  Yogi teas berry detox is great).

9. This is a restrictive diet. You will be severely limiting carbs, sugar, calories and fats.  Stomach flattening healthy Fats: Make sure to have 1 tsp of coconut oil (or 1/4 avocado) once daily.

10.  Absolutely no artificial sugars, no chewing gum and no carbonated beverages – they cause bloating.

11. Best vegetables to eat (these are natural diuretics!) : Beets, asparagus, carrots, artichokes, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant.

12. Supplements.  Hopefully you are already taking a multivitamin, probiotic and fish oil.  Continue these.

13. Don’t skip meals.  Aim to eat every 4 hours.  And please don’t do anything differently (like starve yourself) on the 1-2 days before your wedding, this will cause bloating.  The worst thing would be to not eat the day before your wedding and then be bloated and sick when you have your first cheers of champagne on your wedding day!

14. And of course, stay hydrated!  Aim to sip water and tea continuously throughout the day.  Bonus points if you sip lemon water! You are also encouraged to have 1 kombucha drink (find one that has 0-2 grams of sugar/serving… I like kevita berry flavor) to promote healthy gut bacteria and proper digestion.

15. Before bed, while you’re having your detox tea, sit somewhere quiet again and set a positive intention for the rest of your week.  Envision your first dance, your honeymoon, whatever will put you in the right frame of mind for pleasant dreams.  Make sure to relax before bed so you can get a full night’s sleep.  It’s not worth squeezing in a 5 AM workout class if it’s going to cause you to skimp on sleep.  It’s called beauty rest for a reason.

*I am not a dietician.  Please consult with your doctor before starting any diet.

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