Life Lessons & Vents

This is me, trying to find me!

As a born and raised Suburbian MA girl, I naturally escaped the doldrom of small town life and headed West to Los Angeles before my air born graduation cap could even hit the ground.

After a year of working in reality tv, going to houses that made me blush and parties too fabulous to describe, I have returned, somewhat grudgingly, to my parents home in Halifax, Massachusetts.

The move home was strictly career base, as I was offered a job at a modeling agency that I couldn’t pass up.  In the best analogy I can conjure in my wine induced, sleep deprived state: LA is to Hogwarts as Halifax is to the closet under the Dursley’s stairwell.

My passion is traveling, exploring, trying new foods and testing my limits.  I love to read, write, eat, drink, exercise, complain, and laugh. Follow me while I try to assimilate into Boston life, without losing my LA inspired zest and energy.

Paz y amor,



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