Los Angeles

Best Rooftop Pools in LA

Ah, summertime in LA is finally here.  Time to agonize over which bathing suit makes my love handles less prominent, sip down frozen beverage after frozen beverage and post filtered pictures that make me look tanner.

Los Angeles is great in the summertime.  You’re a quick ride to the beach, but for the lazy and more sceney bunch of us, we’re an even quicker ride to a fabulous rooftop pool party.  Tis the season of cookouts, mansion pools and swanky hotel parties overrun by hollywood’s socialite packrats.

Here’s my top favorite pool parties in Los Angeles, and why.

1. Roosevelt. Yes, it tends to attract a little trashier crowd these days, but the charms there nonetheless.  This iconic hotel boasts a perfect pool and fabulous libations.

2. SLS hotel. Dog friendly.  Actually iguana friendly too, I saw someone bring their lizard last time I visited.  Great views, great company, great drinks.

3. The London. I have yet to grace the London pool, but I’ve heard nothing but fabulous things.

4. The Thompson. For a more sophisticated crowd who doesn’t want to lay out and relax to the sounds of house music this is your spot.

5. Mondrian Pool. Can’t beat the atmosphere.  I adore this pool and the people who chose to lay by it and sip their perfect bloody marys.

6. The W Hollywood. A bit more touristy and a smidge more ‘edgy’ than Roosevelt, to put it nicely.  But great spot regardless.

7. Mr Cs. Recently renovated, they have a Sunday day party, supposedly with brunch.  No views, not a lot of room, but perfect for d list young celeb watching.  

Visit any of these pools on a Saturday or Sunday and you’ll most likely have to name drop or buy a table to get in.  Another viable option is to snag a room key card.  

Dress code.  This isn’t your backyard shindig.  Get out your heels, throw on some makeup, put on your designer watch and suck in.  This is a full judgement arena where everyone is under each other’s scrutinization. 

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