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Get the Bridal Glow: Hydrafacial from CRM Laser!

I’ve been visiting Zara at CRM Laser in West Hollywood for years.  She’s a true anti-aging wizard who has also become a fond friend over time.  There’s not many others I would trust with my dry, rosacea prone, sun damaged 28 year old skin than the face queen, Zara. And especially not the week before my wedding day!


I sought out Zara for a quick fix for my stressed out skin, and she gave me that sought after ‘bridal glow’ with a hydra facial. 

Let me back up for a moment and sing my praises in detail about CRM Laser.  They just moved upstairs to a renovated and more expansive space.  The office is sleek and clean and the staff is friendly, and most importantly, experienced.  There’s a wide variety of treatments available from the ever-popular lip injections to cool sculpting, but no matter what procedure you’re going in for, you are in good hands, trust me.

When I arrived for my appointment, I was whisked into a plush room with a stunning chandelier.  The bed was adorned with a luxurious faux fur blanket and I cozied in for my treatment.


The technician talked me through the process as she adjusted this and that at the bedside machine.


First my skin was gently cleansed and exfoliated and an acid peel was applied before she began the age old skin extractions under the microscope. But this is where the facial deters from the norm (for the better!).  Instead of having your face picked and prodded into a red blister, the hydra wand glides over your pores vacuuming up dirt and bacteria trapped inside. Check out LA Beauty for more details. Afterwards, I was shown the extraction residue, and believe me… this machine works!

Next, anti aging serums are applied over the open pores so they can soak up the full benefits of the product.

The entire procedure is rather quick 30 minutes, and you can walk out looking instantly brighter with freshly hydrated skin!  A far cry from the typical shielding of your torn apart skin under oversized sunglasses and making a mad dash to the car.

Because of my battle with rosacea, after the hydra-facial, I received an LED session to target my inflammation prone skin. Hope you will find this article about hair removal useful as well.

I left CRM feeling utterly radiant, and the glow lasted well beyond wedding bells!  Hydrafacials are great for skin of all types, just make sure you visit a professional like Zara & her team at CRM laser! unnamed-2

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