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Insider Tips: Where to get the Best Cupcake in Los Angeles

With lines so long at Sprinkles that they actually installed a cupcake dispensing machine outdoors (which STILL has a line 15-20 deep, even at 11pm on a Friday!), it is apparent that the designer cupcake craze is here to stay.

  To justify the absurd amount of money I have wasted getting chunky off cupcakes, I have decided to post about the LA top spots and what you must try at each one.
Sprinkles – Beverly Hills:
1. Hit up sprinkles in the morning, before the little devils get out of school (and before the Beverly Hills housewives have ventured out for their manicures).  The staff will be pleasant no matter when you go…and it is rare that they would ever run out of a featured flavor, but the AM is the best time to avoid the never ending lines that snake down Little Santa Monica and block me from getting my daily Menchies frozen yogurt fix.

2. Wait in the line, don’t go for the dispenser machine.  Yes they are just as fresh, and taste delectable out of the vending machine, but I don’t feel as satisfied with my purchase unless I see them delicately place my selections in the famous brown boxes.
Silly right? The infamous cupcake dispenser… circa 3 AM
3. Check the flavor calendar before you go.  My favorite cupcake is the lemon blueberry, but it is only available in July!  Some of my other favorites, like chocolate peanut butter cup and carrot cake are only available certain days a week.  Don’t worry, I have the schedule bookmarked for your convenience: http://www.sprinkles.com/gourmet-cupcake-flavors/menu/
4. Get the red velvet cupcake, its the best seller and so scrumptious.
5. Get a doggy cupcake for your furry friend.
6. Give the doggy cupcake to your pup asap, or you may forget that the meticulously decorated morsel is for your pooch.  (Truthfully, it probably still tastes delicious)
7. Get a little carton of milk with your cupcake order, you’ll need it.
8. Wait until you get home.. or to a park.. or anywhere other than scoffing them into your mouth in the car, parked right next to the 30 person line waiting for their taste of heaven.
Heavenly Couture Cupcakes – Manhattan Beach:

1. Yes, there are a lot of flavors.  No you don’t need to try all of them.

2. Admire the absolutely gorgeous cakes on display and the behind the scenes glimpse you can catch of their creation.

3. Get a latte to help slow the scoffing of the cupcakes.
4. The white cake is dry, don’t bother with it.
5. Must get: Dulce de leche, strawberry cheesecake, mini reeces peanut butter cup
6. Check their website for the rotating cupcake schedule as well
7. Be prepared to drop some serious cash on these cupcakes.  These are not as tasty as Sprinkles, but you are still paying for the designer name – and their recent success on Cupcake Wars.
8. If its a nice day, take your cupcakes outside to the beach or pier.  If not, eat ’em right in the shop – its too cute!
Crumbs Cupcakes – Beverly Hills: 
1.  Be wary of how filling these treats are.  Think of it as going to an ice cream window planning on ordering a twist in a waffle cone and walking away with a 7 scoop banana split sundae.
2. There are too many flavors – but thankfully they all coincide with actual candies or treats that we are familiar with.  Take a look at their website to prepare yourself for sensory overload before you walk into their cramped space.
3. My favorites: Caramel Apple and Margarita
4. Dont waste anytime ordering a staple like red velvet, they are no comparison to the quality of Sprinkles.
5. Please dont buy into the gimmick of the colossal cupcake.  Turning a 1000 calorie cupcake into a 6.5 inch high monstrosity is just obnoxious.  Moreover, you are at Crumbs for the frosting and unique flavors, not for their less than impressive cake.
Diddy Riese – Westwood:
1. Okay I get it, they’re not actually cupcakes.. but they are ingenious, and absolutely delicious.  You choose two cookies and an ice cream and wah-lah ice cream sandwich heaven.
2. Expect a line similar to sprinkles.  It’s worth it.
3. Go hungry.  You’re going to panic and end up getting two — and well it’s ice cream so you have to eat it right away!
4. Step out of the box and shake it up a little.  Get a different cookie on the top than the bottom!
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