Pageant and Modeling Runway Walking Tips

Pageant and Modeling Runway Walking Tips

On Sunday I taught a runway modeling seminar to 50 students at Emerson for their annual Spring fashion show.  I scoured the internet searching for a worksheet of sorts I could print out, but came up empty handed.  So I created my own.  Enjoy.

FACE & HEAD: Keep your face loose, and your lips slightly parted. Your head should stay facing straight, but it can have slight movement to evoke more attitude.

POSTURE: Stand up straight with your head high and your neck elongated

EYES:  focus your eyes straight ahead of you, looking into the distance.

o   Focus on something on the back wall

SHOULDERS: Keep them still while you walk, and keep them back.

ARMS: A natural swing, using mostly the lower part of your arm

o   HANDS: keep hands open and fingers visible

POSING: It doesn’t matter if you put one hand on your hip or both, swing a jacket over your shoulder, or do the T pose.   All that matters is whatever you chose to do, do it with confidence.

o   You need to “hit your mark”, not hesitate at the end of the runway

o   Hands should hit your smallest part of your waist, not your hips

WALKING: Walk with a natural flow, but put one foot slightly more in front of the other than you normally would.  This will help your hips swing without looking too exaggerated

o   Pick up your feet, do not let them drag. And do not walk with your knees bent.  straighten out your leg before placing each food down.

o   Practice walking in the shoes you will be wearing prior to the show

*It’s important to be mindful of the designer and the type of clothing you’re wearing.  Try to channel the “feel” of the clothing.  If you’re wearing edgier clothing, play with an attitude.  While if you’re modeling prom dresses you should be smiling and bubbly!  It never hurts to ask the designer how they would like their line portrayed if you are unsure.


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