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The Matcha Trend: Where to get the best Latte in LA

the matcha bos los angeles

It was on a trip to Japan that I had my first love affair with the earthy bright green goodness that is matcha tea.   Although, I didn’t know much about it other than it was the custom.  When it was time to leave Tokyo for southeast asia, I enjoyed my last cup – knowing the tea would be like an old friend I’d revisit when I finally made it back to Japan to see those cherry blossoms.
japanese matcha tea


But then a peculiar thing happened, not even a year later.  I was at Urth Caffe about to order my regular spanish latte with almond milk when I saw a small placard for matcha latte.  Curious, I ordered a cup and while it was incredibly more sweet and creamy than the traditional Japanese version, it had that same unmistakable earthy flavor.  Before long, matcha had sprung up at all my local coffee shops and was making notable mention on my favorite health blogs.  Detoxifying, energizing, antioxidant rich.. what wasn’t to love?  And so, my once fleeting foreign love affair has become one of my more stable relationships to the point where I can’t recall the last day that passed without a dose of matcha. I even have become accustomed to ordering matcha inspired food, like this adorable bon bon.

the matcha bos los angeles

While you can now find matcha tea anywhere from Bristol Farms grocery store to the conglomerate Coffeebean, I should mention that not all matcha lattes created equal.  If you’re after the holy grail of matcha, you need to stop by the Matcha Box on West 3rd St, Los Angeles only matcha-enthusiast cafe.  Here you’ll find all different matcha concoctions – like matcha mixed with brain boosting oils and soothing honey or a latte with your favorite milk alternative.  What you won’t find is sugar, milk or a cash register (credit only). You also won’t find a warm and inviting place to sit and enjoy your drink, but rather a stark, minimalistic shop.  But that’s not why you come.  You come for the highest quality matcha I’ve found in LA.

Los Angeles Best Matcha Teaimg_0357

Matcha Box Los Angeles Door

At the Matcha Box, all drinks are hand whisked the traditional way – in a clay bowl with a bristled brush.

Making a Matcha tea in a bowl

For here, the intent is to reap the full benefit of this trending superfood miracle elixir.

My other favorite matcha lattes in the city: M Cafe, Urth Caffe, Bricks & SconesAlfred Coffee, Black Bicycle Cafe


To watch me gush about the health benefits of the green stuff, watch below:


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