Best Hair Products for Blondes (all under $24!)

best blonde shampoo cheap

I’ve been battling brassiness since the very first time bleach touched my hair, circa 2002. No matter how bright and ashy my hair looked when I left the salon, it was only a matter of washes before the yellow, dull and dingy brassiness took over. I have tried every single product that has been recommended to me, and here’s the good, the bad, and the useful about each one. Just to give you some background, my hair is thick, dry and naturally dirty blonde. Goal has been, and probably always will be, a cool ash.

Although these are listed in order of preference, all of these products have been effective for me to some degree.

best hair products for blondes, best blonde shampoo
  1. Pravana,”The Perfect Blonde” Purple Toning Masque ($17)  – This potent, powerful hair mask lifts my brassiness after one use. I leave the thick purple goop on my hair for 15-20 minutes instead of the recommended 5. Which is definitely off label, but has worked wonders for me.

2. Redkin Color Etend Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner ($15 each, $30 for both) The best blonde shampoo and conditioner combo I’ve found! I love how pigmented the products are and how much they brighten my hair. I also love that they don’t dry out or frizz up my locks the way other blonde shampoos can. The only con I’ve found is that the purple shampoo can stain my scalp and is tough to wash off completely (but perhaps that’s just a sign I should stop putting it on my scalp haha). If you were going to purchase one, I’d get the shampoo and follow with a deep conditioner of your choice.

3. Agave Healing Oil ($24) While technically not a blonde product, this healing oil serum is the only weightless serum I have found that seals my frizzy, broken and color treated hair ends without building up waxy, greasy residue. Couldn’t be a bigger fan of the luxurious sweet smell either! Purchase directly on their site with code SLAYAWAY for 20% OFF

4. Shimmer Lights Shampoo + Conditioner ($10 each, $20 for both) A great product that lasts forever, I definitely noticed a difference after using the Shimmer Lights blonde & silver shampoo and conditioner. However they aren’t particularly nourishing if you have extremely dry hair, and I often suffered from product buildup after continued use without a clarifying shampoo (If anyone has a good clarifying shampoo recommendation, please share!!). I think these products could really be great for someone with thinner and healthier hair! They seem less pigmented/concentrated than Redkin. However, for less money, you get double the product, so could be worth a shot! If you were going to just purchase one, I’d get the shampoo and follow with a deep conditioner of your choice.

5.  Loreal EverPure Brass Banisher Blonde ($8) You cannot beat this price! This mask will definitely brighten up your color, but I had difficulty using the twist nozzle in the shower. Everytime I’ve used this, I have let it soak in for 20ish minutes rather than the suggested 3-5 minutes. It definitely isn’t as dramatic of results as the Pravana treatment, but it does work.

I’ve also tried John Frieda blonde shampoo and conditioner ($23) (for years!) and noticed a very subtle difference in my hair brightness, but not enough to put them on this list! I similarily think the Batisse Blonde Dry Shampoo works great for faking dirty hair clean, but isn’t any different than a regular dry shampoo not marketed towards blondes.

Here’s a video explaining my favs (and me quoting their prices way off, haha) – leave a comment below with some of your favorite blonde products, I’ll check them out for my next post/video!

Special shoutout to my hair stylist Taebastian Spriggs at Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills for all the insider product tips and for the bi-annual freshen up!

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After Using Redkins System

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