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Healthy Bread Crumb Replacement: Josie’s Coat of Oats

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been adamantly avoiding breadcrumbs all together for the better half of the past decade.  I honestly would never order anything baked in breadcrumbs and butter, nor would I add it to any recipe I’m concocting at home.  I mean, I just can’t justify adding empty calories and gluten to something healthy like a haddock filet.  In place of breadcrumbs, I’ve use chopped nuts or even some nutritional yeast seasoning, but for the most part, my daily cooking has been pretty boring when it comes to ‘toppings’.  You can usually expect my chicken, fish and veggies to come seasoned with some combination of herbs, garlic, oils, vinegars and mustards, and that’s about it. Well, it was… until I found Josies.


Josie’s Coat of Oats is a bread crumb alternative harnessing the satiety of oats in place of white bread.  Low in fat, low in sodium and high in protein (4 grams per 1/4 cup!), I was an instant fan on the nutritional value. We all know that eating oatmeal can lower blood sugar, deliver calcium & potassium, and is high in antioxidants… why do we only have it for breakfast (and on the occasional apple crisp)?!

Josie’s Oat Mix is delicious with a bold italian flavor begging to be sprinkled on the top of baked ziti or used in meatballs.   After one meal using the oat mix, I haven’t been able to think of anything else besides how good Josie’s would taste on every dinner I cook! Sprinkled on veggies, atop my zucchini ‘pasta’, baked onto casseroles, in crab cakes, binding a burger, on mac and cheese, covering a pork chop, coated on fish and chicken, crisping up veggie fries, clams casino… honestly, the possibilities are endless!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to review Josie’s Oat Mix… it is a welcomed new staple in my pantry!  Hopefully we’ll see a seal of USDA Organic on the product soon.

Click Here for a Baked Herb Salmon Recipe using Josie’s Coat of Oats!

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