Evo-Inc Master Cleanse: A Review

As I previously posted, I decided to commit to a 14 day total body cleanse.  7 days of fasting 7 of eating raw/vegan/gluten free.  Annnnd while it took me closer to three weeks, today is the last day! DAY 1: The first day of drinking the master cleanse juice was miserable.  It was a Saturday, I was starving and out of my mind bored.  Matt and I drove in circles trying to find something to do other than drink or go to brunch. DAY 2: And Sunday wasn’t much......

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Le Pain Review
February 17, 2013

Le Pain Review

Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy Urth Cafe just as much as the next socialite, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard Urth’s less crowded (and less pompous) neighbor, Le Pain Quotidien. What to order:...

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