Pace Restaurant, A Five Star Review

Maybe it’s the suppressed hipster in me, but I love an unassuming hidden gem.  Nothing makes me cringe worse than the glow of Olive Garden’s offensive interpretation of Tuscany.   You couldn’t drag me kicking and screaming into any chain restaurant systematically cranking out dishes drenched in butter and swimming in grease.  Enjoy yourself, I’ll be at the locally sustained restaurant, the hidden gem with an always changing menu, the mom and pop bakery.  Heck, I’ll take a roach coach selling dollar tacos over Olive Garden. Tangent aside, living......

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Le Pain Review
February 17, 2013

Le Pain Review

Don’t get me wrong.  I enjoy Urth Cafe just as much as the next socialite, but that doesn’t mean we should disregard Urth’s less crowded (and less pompous) neighbor, Le Pain Quotidien. What to order:...

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