I used to revisit this page often when I was first starting out blogging. It has followed me from my original blogspot page, over to a wordpress.com stint to finally end up here, on TravelingFig.  I’ve changed drastically since I first carefully mapped out my bucketlist sitting atop my twin size bed at my parents’ house, fresh out of college.  Now, close to a decade later, and many of these crossed off items make me smile fondly.

…The rest give me terrible anxiety that time is running out and I’ll never get through this damn list that I keep adding to!

1. Grad School and eventual phd
2. Keep painting
3.ski vail  (well, I visited, but I skied Aspen!)
4. Greece!
5. learn to drive stick
6. learn to change a tire
7. write a travel/food blog (does this count?)
8. write memoir
9. become fluent in another language (Spanish!)
10. Try for Miss America/Miss USA
11. Get good at piano again
12. Meet Jenny (my penpal ive had since 4th grade)
13. Run a marathon (orrr half)
14. Go skydiving
15. Go scuba diving
16. Cross Country road trip 
17. Learn to cook
18. Take acting classes
19. See Peru – Machu Picchu, Amazon & Angel Falls.  hike the Inca trail!
20. form a knowledgeable opinion in politics
21. See Niagra Falls
22. Go to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
23. Learn to sail
24. Hike the Grand Canyon
25. Visit the Taj Mahal
26. Go Surfing
27. Yacht Week, go ahead youtube it
28. Take a photography class 
29. Asia: Tokyo, Great Wall, Thailand
30. Hot air balloon ride
31. Land a series role on a tv series or standout role for a full budget movie
32. Grow an herb garden
33. Buy a home
34. Publish a book
35. Take a Surfing Lesson
36. Get my yoga teacher certification
37. Kentucky Derby
38. Washington DC
39. Go to EDC and/or Ultra (both!)
40. Go to Coachella
41. White water rafting down the Colorado River & Rodeo rapids, the rapid my dad named!
42. See the Northern lights
43. See the pyramids (I saw the ones in Mexico City?)
44. Africa safari, Capetown, Swim with Sharks!
45. Great barrier reef
46. French Quarter- New Orleans
47. Write a pilot
48. And a screenplay
49. Host a show on the Travel Channel!
50. Get my real estate license
51. Be on a billboard
52. Do stand up comedy
53. Win an Oscar (I can dream!)
54. See Hawaii
55. And Alaska.
56. Go to Burning Man
53.  Tour Lower Antelope Canyon & See Horseshoe Bend 
54. Get Married <3
55. See the Redwood Forest with my Dad
56. Go to Sundance
57. Go to Cannes Film Festival
58.See Hamilton on Broadway (it was at Pantages)
59. See a concert at the Hollywood Bowl & Greek Theater
60. Jerusalem City
61. Have a baby
62. Jackson Hole
63.Camel Ride through the desert(the Sahara)
64. Be on the NY times best sellers list (book)
65. Become a renowned blogger
66. Officiate someone’s wedding
67. Nice + Monaco
68. Sicily
69.Go snowmobiling 
70. Go Dog sledding
71. Release baby sea turtles to the ocean
72. Officiate someone’s wedding
73. Nice + Monaco
74. Sicily
75.Go to a taping of a show(Ellen!)

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