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My Custom Food Blogger Tray!

Food blogger 101: Find the perfect surface.

Seriously though, with so much content out there, the aesthetic for your photos makes all the difference. From the countertop your bowl is on, to the spoon you’re using, to the way you caption, to the filters you use… it all makes a difference on whether or not your photos engage your audience enough to keep them coming back for more.  And don’t even get me started about reposting!!

…or do.

Getting a coveted ‘repost’ is how you gain momentum across your social media platforms.  But how can you safeguard against someone using your photos as their own without giving you the proper credit (and traffic!) that you deserve?

Well, that’s a job for Rustic Marlin.

I found myself on their site looking to purchase a succulent planter when I came across the most beautiful serving tray ever! I reached out and asked for it to be customized with my blog site and Instagram handle, and before I knew it, this beauty showed up at my front door.

And now I’m bursting at the seems with recipes I can’t wait to try now that I have the perfect tray to display them on!

If you want a tray of your own, head to their site here, and enter code ORGANIC20 for 20% off your entire order! (Dog not included)


Happy Blogging! xo

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