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Valentines Day Quiz: Do I Have a Keeper?

Loooooooove is in the air, and I’m smitten with it!   On this day of blissful romance and an abundance of chocolates, I’ve decided to check my negative vibe and embrace the holiday whole heartedly! (pun totally intended)
Hopefully my dear followers have already determined where their significant others fall short on the douchebag quiz (see two posts ago) and have made the appropriate substitution for their vday plans.
Now comes my cuter, sweeter and more lovely quiz:

 How to tell you’ve got a keeper 🙂

1. He’s not opposed to an occasional chick flick.
2. He calls you pretty when your sans makeup.
3. Every once and awhile he really listens when you complain, and stops leaving the seat up.
4. He makes the bed.  Or replenishes the milk if he drinks the last sip.  Or maybe he even changes the toilet paper roll if he uses the last of it.  Whatever it is, its the little things, but they add up.
5. He lets you complain that your fat, but never forgets to remind you that you’re perfect.
6. he’s sweet to your friends. And isn’t afraid of a little girl gossip if he finds himself surrounded by the chickys.
7. Heck, I’ll take that he doesn’t completely despise your friends.
8. You’ve caught him smiling at you.
9.  He writes something cute in the card he takes forever to pick out.
10. He isn’t afraid to giggle.
11.  He puts up with you putting -ies on the end of words.  As in “lets go get some eggies i’m huuungray!” doesn’t make him scowl at you.
12.  he loves his family.
13. and he at least puts up with the loonies in your family.
14. He doesn’t call you out for needing a glass (bottle) of wine every (night) time you have a hard day at work.
15. He loves animals, and doesn’t let a cute pooch go un-pet.
I could obviously keep going forever, and I suppose the list differs for everyone to some degree, but if you’ve smiled or crinkled your nose at a few of these then you’ve got what I’m talking about.   When you truly adore someone, just let go, embrace their idiosyncrasies and appreciate their love, it’s worth it, I promise.
Happy Valentines Day love birdies 🙂

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