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3 Virtual Spiritual Healing Practices

Even as a reiki practitioner myself, I was always slightly skeptical of distanced healing. But this past few months spent at home have dramatically changed my perspective.

Let’s take my Tuesday weekly meditation group. A group I’ve been attending for years in person in the same room – a room that instantly relaxed me just to walk into. I loved the experience of going to this weekly session so much that I was reluctant to try out the zoom version. But of course, I’m so glad I did. After I got over the uncomfortableness of closing my eyes in front of my computer camera to meditate and the sometimes faulty connection – I began to love my weekly meditation, that it turned into a daily practice. Yes, I’ve been meeting with the same group 5-6 times a week on zoom for 45+ min a day since March. And it has seriously changed my life.

Of course, I had to create the right space, control the dogs, and work out the kinks. But the feeling of connectedness to the group is just as strong – if not stronger – on zoom. So, I thought I’d just go on and dive right into some other healing practices while I’ve got this sweet spot of free time. And here is my list of ones that I recommend.


An absolutely wonderful light, Gillian, leads our daily meditation circle. We sit for 7 minutes, then chat about what came up and claim an intention, then Gillian speaks an invocation and ‘prescribes’ a meditation technique or practice based on our intentions. It’s absolutely delightful and I seriously cannot recommend it enough. If you’d like to try a class for free just message me or comment below and I will invite you in. Otherwise, classes are $10 and are listed as ‘Meditation for Everyone’ here.


Breathwork is a way of shallow breathing that helps you relax into a slightly lucid state. Everyone will have a different experience in a breathwork session and it’s important that you choose your practitioner wisely. Carrie Alford lives in Hawaii and offers weekly group breathwork every Wednesday at 3pm. The cost is $15 and you can sign up here. If you want to book her for a private session or find out more about her other offerings, check out Carrie’s instagram here. I love this quote from Carrie:

We are Nature. We are not separate from it, no matter the illusion we have created around this. Exploration of own unique nature is greatly assisted when we remember and honor this truth. Our true essence is reflected back to us though all divine aspects of creation. Much of the anxiety, depression, & confusion in society stems from lack of human and Earth connection. Fear & separation are wounds that mankind must heal .. and which Nature can heal. As our outer world reflects our inner, stepping into nature provides a peaceful & supportive space to heal, to play & to BE. We are reminded that we are never alone, we are all unique & essential aspects of the whole. ~Carrie Alford


Last week I met with a shamanic healer named Olivia Weil over zoom. I imagine each session is unique, but I’ll recount mine regardless. The session started with an informal conversation where I brought up what was going on in my life and what I needed clarity on. Olivia next took over and cleansed the space and shared her insights with me. I found Olivia to be very gifted, sincere and helpful. I left the session feeling grounded and more intune with my intuition. Olivia gave me speicific guidance on where she felt it was best I focus my energy, which was invaluable to me. Olivia typically charges $325 a session, but mention your friends with Chelsea and you can ask for a discount Follow Olivia on IG @iamoliviaweil or email here

My specialty is using these energetic tools in practical and pragmatic ways to create shifts in the material realms to help improve anything in our health, relationships, work and resources. ~ Olivia Weil

If you’ve got a spiritual or healing practice for me to add to the list, feel free to message me and I’ll check it out 🙂

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