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When I saw the fitness studio I teach at advertising an ‘Aligning with Cosmic Abundance with Jane Oka Kaya Shin’ workshop, I thought it sounded a little woo-woo, even for me. Yet, something about the description peaked my interests, so I figured, what the hell, I’ll check it out.

Maybe because I didn’t quite understand the title of the class, or maybe because I signed up last minute, but I came to the workshop at Swerve Studio last Saturday with zero expectations.

Sometimes this is the very best way to approach life, other times I kick myself for not being prepared.  This class was pretty mind blowing, and I haven’t stopped mulling it over since. Lately, I’ve been really focusing on connecting with my higher self and peeling away the layers of my ego. But I’ve found it’s just about as difficult as it sounds.  I’m all too often lost in weighty philosophical literature, down a youtube rabbit hole of Ted Talks, or finding a million reasons to skip my daily meditation practice.  What has worked? Regularly attending a weekly meditation class with Gillian at Swerve and being generally open to new experiences, like this workshop.

I suggest that you sign up for Jane’s newsletter at OKAKAYA.COM so you can attend her next workshop, or perhaps invest in an astrology reading. But until then, below are my top takeaways from last weeks seminar.  My intent is not to simplify Jane’s workshop, but rather ignite a curiosity in you to further explore the phenomenon of cosmic abundance.

6 Things I Learned from a Cosmic Abundance Workshop:

-Vedic and other ancient philosophies have known all along the ‘discoveries’ our modern day science is just now making.  Which is absolutely astonishing when you really stop to think about it.

-How many times do you say ‘I’m sorry‘ a day?  Knock it off, it’s bringing down your whole aura.

-Loosen your grip on the descriptors you identify with. Being a mom/husband/pilot/female/diabetic? That is not who you are. You are undefinably limitless, start acting like it.

-There is infinity within us. We are inwardly expansive, just like the universe is outwardly expansive. We are far from insignificant, but rather extraordinary.  And this rad dude (acclaimed physicist) proved it: Nassim Haramein’s ‘Unified Field Theory

-Underneath all matter is energy, and energy can never be destroyed, just transferred.  Everything in our universe is powered by these underlying currents.

-Based on the day and time of your birth you have a ruling planet.  This planet becomes your main filter for life.  Knowing this enables you to align with your planet and harness its energy to help everything else in life fall into place.  With this, comes cosmic abundance.


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  1. Thank you Chelsea for your insightful reflections! Beautifully integrated, and not to mention, expressed! And thank you so much for your attendance, support, and openness. Sending love and prayers on your journey, stay well sister :o)

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