Los Angeles

Unique First Date Ideas in Los Angeles

It’s Spring, and thus love (or rather lust) is in the air!  For any hopeless sap who fails time and again with first date nights, you’re in luck for stumbling across my blog.  You won’t be torturing your hopeful date at Supperclub or Rock n Reilys this spring.  Nor will you be stuck droning on and on about your botched childhood over a drawn out dinner.

Not with these entertaining & action packed date night picks. If you fail to secure a second date after wooing and dazzling at any of my date night choices… maybe you should scroll back a few posts to ‘dating tips in LA’

For the big drinker: The Vodka Box at Nics Martini Lounge. You get to put on fur jackets and hats and take shot after shot of vodka in a freezer.  Talk about an ice breaker. har har.

For the artist: Paint Lab: Wine and paintbrushes? And a keepsake to take home?  swoon.

For the joker: Laugh Factory. Save the improv shows for the 4th or 5th date and take her somewhere guaranteed to have at least one headliner who can crack a smile.

For the animal lover: Horseback riding at Griffith Park. Guided stress free horseride up to the Hollywood sign.

For the cooker: Gyu kaku. Grill your own meats, fish, veggies and smores!

For the experience dazzler: David Dinkin’s Evening of Enchantment.  Because lets face it, Magic Castle is impossible to get into. Wine, apps and magic will keep conversation and giggles going.

 For the foodie dazzler:  The Bazaar.  This meal will cost you, but the presentation and atmosphere is worth it.

For the romantic: Movie in the Cemetery.  Cheap and adorable. Plus it offers a venue where you can initiate convo, or you can just relax and enjoy the movie.

For the adventurer: Ifly at Universal Studios. It’s skydiving.  For normal people who don’t want to jump out of a perfectly good working plane.

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