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Reshape your Morning Ritual for Success

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed?  Not a thing.

Starting your morning off wrong and setting a negative tone for the rest of your day?  Totally a thing.

I believe in mindfulness, in finding inner peace and clarity of thoughts so you can present your best self to the world each day.  But considering my life has as much structure as a Trump speech, this just really isn’t applicable for me.

An AM with Chelsea Gilson: my alarm jolts me out of a pathetically short slumber at some ghastly hour. Before I can even process the torturous beeps, a wave of panic rushes over me.  Today is impossible.  There’s no fathomable way I can cram everything I need to get done into 15 short hours. In a state of dismay, I fumble into the bathroom, trying to multitask brushing my teeth, putting in my contacts, checking emails and slathering on a concoction of face creams. While I wait for my coffee to drip, I stand hunched over in the corner of the kitchen where I do my best binging…. eating granola straight from the bag (provided there are no leftovers). I click away ferociously on my cell phone, cursing myself and whomever else I can blame for the influx of ‘urgent matters’ until I notice the time and slip out another melody of profanity.  Off to the closet to try on 10 outfits, scream “I have nothing to wear”, then settle on the first one. I might have walked my hip straight into the counter earlier, but if not, then I’ll usually break a nail or stub my toe here.. it’s referred to as the ‘hurried hormonal womens law’ I believe, but don’t quote me on that.  If I didn’t spill coffee, get lipstick on my teeth, forget deodorant, pack the wrong wallet in my bag, leave my lunch on the counter, over feed the dog, forget to feed the dog, leave the iron on, or break a necklace trying to untangle it… well, then I chalk the morning up as a Win.

Sound familiar?  In an effort to revamp my life and save a bit of sanity, I’ve devised a plan of sorts.  And it works.

I filmed a quick video that you are more than welcome to watch, but if you’re laying in bed and not trying to wake the whole damn house (…I’m only working on better mornings, insomnia from pinterest is a-whole-nother beast) then just scroll past the video.   Either way, leave a comment and keep the convo going.  I need all the tips, tricks, hints one can get in this life. 🙂


Quick video on my tips for reshaping your morning so you can set your day up for success!


1.Start your morning by waking up when your alarm goes off.  Turn on the tea kettle and bruch your teeth while you wait for it to heat.  Just sit in your thoughts while you brush, refrain from checking your cell phone.

2. Make a health tea.  I like ginger, apple cider vinegar, stevia and cinnamon.

3. Take your tea to a quiet part of your house and sit down to enjoy it.  While the tea cools off, do a few quick stretches.

4. While you sip your tea set your intention for the day.  Maybe it’s ‘be more patient’ or ‘eat mindfully’ or ‘bite your tongue when your boss acts like a tyrant’.  Prioritize a few things that are worrying you for the days ahead and take a deep breath.  Roll your shoulders back, sit up tall and be thankful for your morning.

5. Go get em tiger 🙂


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