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The Nuit Blanche Show is Everything

The 20s weren’t called roaring for nothing. And Nuit Blanche spared no detail in recreating the essence of this glamorous decade in their downtown Los Angeles dining experience.

Just like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris, I have often longed fondly for Paris in the 20s.  There’s just something about the daring excitement of being an artist or socialite, or both, during this glittery moment in time. Oh and to live without being glued to technology!  How real, how romantic.

Or maybe you hated that movie and you’re just looking for a unique date night or to impress a client?  Well either way, here’s what to expect at Nuit Blanche:


As you hand over your keys to complimentary valet, you’ll be escorted to an unassuming brick facade with a regal doorman.  He’ll provide you with a velvet numbered sleeve for your cell phone, which will be kept safe during the experience.  “Wait, what!! I can’t -”  I know, but just go with it.  A phone free night will be liberating.

A soft push of the ancient doors, and jazz music beckons you inside the dimly lit, smoky, room. Before you can blink a champagne coupe materializes in your hand, and you find yourself in conversation with a stranger, bonding over this remarkable environment enveloping you.  Maybe you saunter over to the absinthe tasting, where you watch flames engulf the liquor soaked sugar cubes.  Or perhaps you visit the full stocked bar for a glass of whiskey, weaving through the sea of glittery dresses and sharp tuxedos to get there.

Some time later, the ring leader, if you will, has his first announcement, and the show begins.  I won’t share the storyline, but he will lead you masterfully through the history of the Nuit Blanche house through the performance of his incredibly talented ensemble.

Dinner will take place deeper into the house, at two long tables adorned with candles and fresh fruit.  The menu is a set tasting, with an option for vegan or vegetarian upon request.  The food is classic and comforting, and the wine never stops flowing. Although the vegan tajine was incredibly flavorful and my date savored her perfectly cooked tenderloin, the palate cleansing champagne float is the true unique standout.  Food aside, the show intertwines with the meal so you become a part of the performance instead of simply a dining spectator.

Following dessert, you will be invited to explore the house, perhaps heading upstairs for a touch of voyeurism (their words, not mine).  I’ll wrap this post up here and let your imagination wander. 🙂


Is $300 a steep cost per ticket?  Sure.  But the production justifies the price.   Last night was more than just dinner and a show, it was an immersion into a life I have always fantasized about.  A step into an alternative reality, a romantic escape, an extraordinary experience. And I couldn’t recommend it more.


Dress code is Black Tie, themed attire is optional.  Ticket price is inclusive of valet, alcohol, food, show and tipping.  There are only a few dates left and tickets sell out fast.  Purchase yours here

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