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Coachella 2018 Fashion – on a Budget!

linen striped jumpsuit coachella

This years Coachella fashion felt a little less rigid than years past. First it was florals, crop tops and jean shorts only.  Then we hit a rocker tee phase.  Then there were the two piece outfits or the sheer overlays over sexy bodysuits. And body chains. Mind as well not show up if you’re not going to wear one.

This year?  Well, kind of felt like a big mix of years passed.  There was no definitive fashion trend, but rather this beautiful ‘anything goes’ mentality.

Which, although liberating, led to a lot of confusion.


Since I had already done a rose gold mesh number the year prior, and I couldn’t bring myself to do another cut off shorts and crop top combo… I sought inspiration from the performers.


I knew Saturday night that I wanted sequins for Beyonce, no exception.  And Sunday I was gunning for some retro red, pink or white sunglasses for Eminem’s show – again no exceptions.   Other than that I let my closet and online shopping kind of speak to me.  And here’s what I came up with:


<<|| FRIDAY ||>>

boho Coachella dress cheap

where to buy Coachella boho dress

Friday I wore a $18 boho wrap dress I got from Amazon, black booties $19 from Amazon, a Boom Boom Jeans jacket from Marshalls for $24 and a gold cross body I got in Morocco for $25.  My body chain is also from Amazon and the bracelet is $40 from Aster, but I got it for $20 with a promo code from trying out Rocksbox (use promo code ‘chelseabff380’ for your first month free + $20 credit towards a purchase!).  The best part of this outfit? I’ve worn every single thing before, and I’ll wear it again!


nasty gal Coachella 2018

You don’t really need a separate outfit for Sat day to night, but I really wanted to wear a bathing suit to the Bootsy Bellows pool party (even though I would NEVER have gotten in the pool, obviously).  Saturday daytime I went with a Nastygal bathing suit that costs $30, since their entire website is 40% off.  My sunglasses are Wildfox, but they were a gift at one of their events (got to love Coachella freebies). My American Apparel Leather shorts I also purchased used from Crossroads Trading for $16.50.  However, you can get a similar pair from Amazon below for the same price.  If I didn’t find this pair, I probably would have purchased a baggier leather pair (also below). And the necklace is actually an $8 headband my mom got me for Easter –  from Walmart! The jacket is vintage and I distressed it myself and the sheer overlay is from LilyWhite. It was a gift, but I found one similar below.  I did bring a different pair of booties to wear today, but the black Amazon ones are so comfortable I just stuck with them again.


Coachella sequin dress nasty gal

I just changed out the bathing suit and shorts for this dress from Nastygal, which I found in Crossroads Trading, for $18.50.  Can’t. beat. that. Holler at me if you want me to ship it to you, I’ll definitely never be wearing it again!


<<|| SUNDAY ||>>linen striped jumpsuit coachella

Sunday I traded ‘hot’ for ‘weird’ with these retro sunglasses also purchased at Crossroads trading (they cost the same as my dress from Sat night, haha).  The jumpsuit is from Show me your Mumu, which I rented from Rent the Runway.  Same Marshalls jacket, bag is $20 from the streets of Bali, and necklace is another gift from the Easter bunny from Walmart.  I had bought cute cutout tan booties to wear with this outfit, but forgot them at home. So Converse sneakers I borrowed from a friend.


So what’s my takeaway from year five of being a Coachella groupie?

1. You can look good for less

2. Wear something that you can walk miles & dance for hours in

3. Never forget a jacket

4. Set your own damn trends.



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