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HoneyLove Review: My Favorite Shapewear

How much money have you spent on searching for the perfect *slimming* pair of black leggings? You know, the pair you wear on every flight. The ones that give you an instant confidence boost because of their cinching, their lifting, their flattening. The ones you can wear from yoga class to brunch in confidence. Those ones.

How about on shapewear? How many seamless undergarments have you bought in trial and error? How many ‘t-shirt bras’? How many slips promising ‘slimming effects’?

It’s definitely not a number I want to dwell on. But, as is the custom on TravelingFig, I’ve done the research for you. And I’ve found that the perfect shapewear does, in fact, exist. And it’s for everybody and every body.

*DISCLAIMER* : You are beautiful. You don’t need to buy anything to change your appearance for anyone. Whatever you see when you look in the mirror should bring you only feelings of pride and confidence in that body of yours. I struggled with eating disorders for most of my 20s, and let me tell you, I spent so much of my mental energy in a place of self loathing. I was at war with the mirror, and obsessed over my weight. These feelings still surge up for me, when I’m bathing suit shopping or fighting the urge not to edit a love handle bulge in a photo. I constantly have to remind myself that my BMI isn’t a measure of my worth. My body is a freakin’ powerhouse that works tirelessly to keep me sustained, healthy, and supported. And I am so lucky to have it, in whatever shape it takes.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to still look my best in this body that I love and feel grateful for. What I first noticed about HoneyLove is that their message is loud and it is clear: they champion Body Positivity. Their site and socials feature models of all sizes, colors, ages and shapes. Our shopping dollars speak, and I’ve made it my personal MO to spend money with brands I want to amplify. HoneyLove fits into that category.

Shop Honeylove Here 

As a yoga and pilates teacher I’m always getting sent leggings and workout sets. I’ve tried every pair of black leggings from the LuLuLemons to the Target brand. And damn have I tested them. In class, on hikes, traveling, to sleep in, lounging, running errands. I most certainly live in athleisure wear. So what makes the Honeylove legging 2.0 so special?


Well most importantly they don’t give me a camel toe.  (Save yourself the visualization plz). The fabric is thick and sheer proof with no possibility of showing panty lines, if you so choose to wear panties with these second skin magic pants.

A close second on the importance scale, they give shape to my pancake ass.  Seriously these pants lift in the right places and slim and flatten everywhere else.

Lastly, they are made of absorbent material.  So if you do want to wear them straight out of spin class to the market, you won’t just be marinating in a pool of your own sweat.

Sizes range from XS-XXL.  I am wearing an XS and I would say the pants run true to size.

Shop the 2.0 Jet Black Legging Here

Ok, now the silhouette bra.  Comes in size XS – 3X. I also found this fit true to size.  I’m wearing an XS. What’s great about this bra is that it’s seamless and so comfortable it’s like a second skin.  No underwire, yet still gives a nice ‘perky’ shape.  Adjustable straps and adjustable width band.  Perfect tshirt bra, perfect under blouse bra, perfect kicking around the house or holding the girls in for yoga bra.  I got the rose tan color and it’s a bit *too* close to my skin color to wear as a sports bra, but so perfect for an actual bra.

Shop the Silhouette Bra here

Honeylove shapewear

Lastly the silhouette brief.  What I love: the high waist tummy control and seamless lines, great for a dress or under workwear.  Perfect for when a dress or skirt is too short or there is a slit so you can’t wear the short style shapewear.  Material is soft and comfortable.

Shop the Silhouette Brief here 



PS> this hotel is stunning: the Korakia in Palm Springs.  10/10 recommend.  Check out @organictravel for an ‘inside the Korakia’ reel 🙂

PPS> my woven slides are x Carrie Forbes

Best tummy control leggings honeylove

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