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Best of Sayulita, a Travel Guide

Sayulita is everything I could ever want from a happy hippie little beach town in Mexico.  It’s just on the cusp of being trendy without having fully lost it’s authenticity.  Sure, I’m writing this from a cactus lined cafe drinking a golden milk latte with almond milk waiting for my advanced yoga class to start.  But last night I ate a street taco that I could only order with my rusty Spanish and I plan to spend my afternoon sandwiched between Mexican families on the beach drinking tecate.

We spent nearly two glorious weeks in this shanty town turned millennial travel hot spot, and I could have easily spent another two.  There’s something about the slow pace of life that just speaks to me.  Plus it’s still relatively inexpensive, which helps.

<< || Lodging || >>

Really, it’s about how close you want to be to the action that will determine your lodging.  Here’s my top picks:

Gringo hill sayulita

We stayed at the most lovely airbnb with a sweeping view of the ocean and speckled town below.  I’ll always fondly remember the warm morning light sifting in through the windows and the light ocean breeze carrying the alarm clock ring of the ambitious roosters from neighboring properties.  Gringo Hill to me was perfect – much cooler, less bugs, quieter (if you don’t count the roosters + construction), plenty of large homes with pools to rent, and expansive ocean views from every bend.  I loved the steep 10 minute hillside walk up and down into town, but if trekking isn’t worth the view to you, then I’d pass on this airbnb + bnb cluttered hill.   The airbnb we rented: Castia w/views 


My second favorite area is the North Side of town.  Some of my favorite restaurants, bars and studios are up here, and there are also some great little hotels and airbnb options.  I also love the stones throw to the beach + closer than close proximity to the town center.


If you’re looking for a respite from the chaos and want to stay in luxury, then you have to book the brand new La Joya Hotel.  Started and run by friends of ours, Christina and John, you will nothing short of dazzled by this jaw-dropping property.  If you stay here you will need to rent a golf cart to get in and out of town.  This is a remote hotel in a freshly developed part of Sayulita, a 10 minute ride south of the city center.


If you’re looking to stay right in the thick of town, the new Sayulinda Hotel is the spot for you.  Gorgeous rooftop views with the highest vantage point in town and a fun pool party atmosphere nearly every day of the week.  The hotel is tasteful and closer than close to the action.

<< || Noshing || >>

Achara Thai – epic, banana coconut drink, pumpkin friend rice, curry w/prawns.  Thai food in Sayulita threw me too, but it was the best meal we had! Vegan options.

organi-k – best place for an açaí bowl, fresh green juice, or poke. Large vegan selection.

Sayulita Cafe – one of my fav guacamole in the city (surprisingly hard to find exceptional guac here IMO).  I also loooooved the traditional shrimp stuffed poblano peppers

Don Pedro – Thai ceviche for the win + sangria pitcher. Vegan options.

Itacate – The fan favorite amongst friends, but I didn’t necessarily get the hype.  Loved sitting out on the street and people watching and had a perfectly crafted spicy marg.   Got the mushroom tacos, Andrew got the al pastor, we didn’t necessarily love ‘em.  if I return I’d get the fried cheese.  Everyone who rec’d to us said the fried chicken tacos are a must. Vegan options.

burrito revolution – shrimp burrito is yummmmm.  Pretty sure they put meat in it by mistake, which scarred me from ever returning, but for what it’s worth, it was deeeelicious.

Tierra viva – coffee is dark and bold, huevos rancheros were good.

Tacos talivan – street tacos in MX are a must.  Loved the quesadillas the most

Si senor – I wouldn’t return for the food, but loved the romantic atmosphere and delicious drinks.

choco banana: chocolate dipped frozen banana + great iced coffee

Tiburon: fun bar with live music and good food


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>> || Things to Do || >>

Best and most secluded beach: Playa de Los muertos, all the way left of town if you’re looking at the water.  Walk to Don Pedro then just keep going.  There’s a little beach bar and service with chairs for rent.

Selina Hotel offers yoga, reiki healing and spiritual classes

The Garden Bar also has some fun group activities like twerk fridays, salsa classes, karaoke.  It’s an internet cafe w/great juice

Surfing is a must in Sayulita.  There’s a bunch of places to rent boards or take lessons along the waterfront.

Whale Watch tours: during the winter months you’re bound to see some if you just look at the horizon long enough, but booking a tour is a fun way to spend a few hours!

There are a few adventure places that offer ATV tours, horseback riding, and hiking excursions.  Supposedly the best hike is Monkey Mountain.  If you check airbnb experiences you’ll be able to find a guide to take you up there.

Sayulinda hotel has a day pass option for their rooftop pool.  There’s great views, delicious drinks and a DJ spinning.  At sunset they offer a cocktail hour/evening pass as well.  The ticket entry includes a drink I believe, but don’t hold me to it.

Artisanal shopping: Next to the river, just to the right of town there is an outdoor market that’s open daily.  Lots of cute souvenirs, jewelry and art.

Massages in Mexico are a must.  We went to a little spa in town one day and got one in the tents beachside on another day.

sea turtles: supposedly there’s a sanctuary, but I believe it wasn’t opened when we went.  We did get to see some little babies swimming in the ocean though, so keep your eyes peeled!

My favorite bar is the hookah bar at atico.  There’s always live music, you can sit on swings at the bar, and they serve a delightful vegan horchata margarita.

Tiburon is a fun bar too with live music.  Check out the upstairs for a different vibe.


Travel Tips:

Cash only errrrywhere, but there are plenty of ATMs sprinkled throughout the city, so as long as you have your debit card, you’re good.

If walking up and down hills isn’t for you, I recommend renting a golf cart in town.  You can get one for your whole stay and it’s a much better option that a rental car, which might not fit down some of the tiny, windy streets.



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