It seems that more and more brides are opting for an over the top destination bachelorette party instead of the traditional single night of drinks in one’s hometown.  (For example.. check out my recent bachelorette party trip to Cabo).  These vacations are outrageously fun… but equally pricey.  Which leaves a lot less room for showering the bride to be in expensive lingerie and decadent presents.  And thus the tradition of gifting at the bachelorette party has diminished quite drastically over the past few years.

Unfortunately for my wallet, I find the notion of going to any type of event or gathering empty-handed absolutely appalling.  And so here’s my solution:

Bridal Flippy Floppys! 


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  1. […] Bachelorette Party Flippy Floppys.  Virtually burden free.  Either she wears them or she doesn’t, but it a totally toss-able no-pressure gift. Tutorial Here […]

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