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Your Best Resource for Using Essential Oils: Camp Wander

I have recently become infatuated with essential oils.   Adding some lavender to my homemade coconut oil body lotion, putting a bit of eucalyptus in a diffuser before bedtime, ingesting licorice oil to reduce intestinal inflammation.  And while I am proud of my progress, I am eager to broaden my essential oil collection and use.  But with so many oils (at so many differing price points)  and so much literature on their potential, the task is daunting.  It’s hard to decide which oils to buy, know which ones are appropriate to use, and figure out how to mix the homemade concoctions in a way that actually works.  Well, it was hard, until I met Rebecca of Camp Wander.

I was lucky enough to meet Rebecca at a blogger conference for Garden of Life in Florida.  Right away, I knew I liked her. She exudes confidence and intelligence, but has this real warmth about her that makes you feel at ease in her presence.  I was ecstatic to learn that she specialized in essential oils, but I had no idea she would be such an amazing resource in my quest to live organically.

Why Should you use Essential Oils?Maybe you are wondering what the big essential oil hype is all about.  Well let me give you my condensed rant.  Your skin is your largest organ, am I right? (yes, I am). Whatever you come in contact with (whether it be chemicals, perfumes, dyes, or any of the other illegible ingredients listed on your skincare and home products) gets soaked into your skin and enters your body, causing internal chaos.  (perhaps not internal chaos, but I’m trying to prove a point).

I want to put natural products on my body and in my home so I can live at my optimal health level.  We are already exposed to so many pollutants, why worsen it?!  I could rant forever, but let me just give you three quick reasons why I am jumping on the essential oil band wagon:

1. I’m tired of being ‘addicted’ to chapstick because the chemicals in generic brands are stripping my lips and making them unable to produce moisture naturally.  No thank you.  And don’t even get me started on the chemical makeup of sunblock.

2. Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can cause respiratory problems, reduced sperm count,  disrupt thyroid function… and the list goes on.  click here to read more about the hidden toxins in cleaners and here for an unbiased ranking of the best all-natural cleaning solutions.

3. Fixing insomnia with some oils instead of becoming addicted to expensive sleeping pills that have a host of side effects is a no brainer.

What I love about Camp Wander

-There is something for everyone.  From using oils to combat headaches to how to make your own natural sunscreen. There are dozens of beauty posts, a page for every imaginable remedy, and a multitude of life hacks and tricks using essential oils.

-The site is easy to navigate with a beautiful layout.

-I love the sections for moms and caring for newborns and kids with natural remedies.

-Camp Wander is not just for the DIY-er.  There is a shop page where you can purchase all sorts of natural salves.  I was lucky enough to be gifted the all purpose salve (for minor burns, rashes, eczema, acne, you name it!), an anti-aging salve and the bare mint-rose lip balm, all of which I cannot believe I ever lived without.


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